19 Ways To Survive The Sydney Tornado

By Anna May
16th Dec 2015

Sydney tornado

Apparently it’s raining. Did you know? Have you been outside? Don’t. 

We may know our fair share about the best restaurants and cafes in Sydney, but when it comes to tornadoes, we really, really know our stuff. Here are our top tips for surviving the 2015 Sydney tornado. BYO cow.

Update: Okay, the tornado warning got called off, but it was an exciting couple of hours anyway.

  1. March up to it and exclaim “Oh no you torna-don’t!”
  2. Take this opportunity to be a real adult and make a fort out of all the blankets in your home. 
  3. Watch Twister and frantically take notes.
  4. Break out your winter woollies one last time.
  5. Prove to your overseas relatives that we really do have a white Christmas every now and again.
  6. Check your Instagram every minute so you don’t miss any pictures of puddles.
  7. Same goes for Twitter.
  8. And Facebook.
  9. Maybe even Snapchat.
  10. Cross ‘water the plants’ off your to-do list for a while.
  11. Do an evil cackle every time thunder strikes.
  12. Ask yourself this is happening because you lied when you were 17.
  13. Dust off your golf clubs and go to town. 
  14. Finally get around to doing your car insurance. Existing damage? Nope.
  15. Play Twister. Y’know, just for irony’s sake. 
  16. Make use of all the canned goods in your cupboard.
  17. Lock up your pet sharks. We know what happens when they combine…
  18. On that note, got any cows?
  19. Go outside with a shower curtain rod and yell ‘ALL HAIL’. Not sure what will happen, let me know.

Image credit: Twister

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