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50 Things To Do In Sydney This Summer | The 2015 Edit

By Sophia Fukunishi
24th Nov 2015

things to do in Sydney this summer

GUYS, summer is here! *insert squeals of excitement*

It’s that glorious time of year when eating ice cream any time of the day is A-OK, swimwear is (almost) passable as underwear, and there are so many fun outdoorsy things to do in Sydney it’s almost a crime to sit inside and watch hours upon hours of Netflix (although if that’s your thing, that’s fine—you just keep doing you).

We’ve put together this solid list of things to do in Sydney this summer so that you can get the most out of the warmer days before we head into the gloom that is winter.

Come at us summer, we’re ready for you!

  1. Buy a flamingo, donut or whatever on-trend animal/food-shaped pool inflatable you can get your hands on and incessantly Instagram over the course of the summer months.
  2. See how many summer music festivals you can attend. Points if you keep all the wristbands from said festivals on your arm like some manky trophy. 
  3. Pour yourself another glass of one of these eight wines you’ll be drinking this summer.  
  4. Work on that summer rig.
  5. Or that thong tan.
  6. Drink at each and every one of these bars this summer (maybe not in the same day). 
  7. Outdoor cinema, anyone? 
  8. Get splashy at one of these secret swimming spots near Sydney
  9. Attempt to make Anna Polyviou's Summer Trifle with Tropical Fruits from The Great Australian Cookbook. 
  10. Drink ALL the Aperol Spritz.
  11. If prosecco is more your thing, then you’ll want to visit The Brown Brothers Prosecco Summer Terrace at Palace Cinemas Norton Street in Leichhardt. Cheers!
  12. Go on a road trip to Newcastle and eat all the things.
  13. Eat avocado on sourdough. Every. Damn. Day.
  14. If you’re feeling a little closer to nature, try these nude beaches from around the world.
  15. Fill your freezer with Zooper Doopers. 
  16. Throw another shrimp on the barbie (like a pro) at the Seafood School
  17. Take your furry pal and visit one of these dog friendly pubs in Sydney.
  18. Buy all eight of the swimsuits from this article. Yes, even if you’re a boy.
  19. Eat your weight in mangoes. Or prawns.
  20. Overdone it on the summertime draaanks? Here are Sydney’s best hangover meals. You’re welcome.
  21. Feel smug about how pretty Sydney is at these restaurants with a view
  22. Jump on your bike and explore Sydney on these bike tracks
  23. Tick scenic picnic, outdoor concert and a harbour sunset off your list all at once at Twilight at Taronga
  24. Get stuck in traffic on Military Road while driving up to Palm Beach. Make it all worthwhile with a stop at The Boathouse.
  25. Head to Bundeena and hire some kayaks.
  26. Cure your oh-god-that-was-fun-but-let’s-not-do-that-again-too-soon feeling with a relaxing float
  27. Insist on wearing thongs everywhere, all the time. Even to bed.
  28. Pick all the berries; make all the smoothie bowls.
  29. Dive into the rooftop pool bar at the Ivy.
  30. Two words. Gin. Garden.
  31. Fake it till you make it at Tan Temple.  
  32. Get amongst them regional feels at these destination restaurants
  33. Go chase waterfalls at these beauties near Sydney you can actually visit.
  34. Befriend someone with a pool and never leave their house.
  35. Collect all the sand (it’s inevitable) with these eight beach bags.
  36. Get your booze on at brunch because SUMMER.
  37. Make it your new year’s resolution to visit all these new openings.
  38. Battle for a parking spot at Bondi Beach.
  39. Try a juice cleanse from Lucky You Cleanse (because your body is a temple etc).
  40. Let yourself go at these fat feeds
  41. Get accosted by a brazen seagull while trying to enjoy your sushi at Sydney Fish Market.
  42. Go on a picnic, but find a spot in the shade because it’s gonna be HOT.
  43. Channel The Big Lebowski and start bowling (bowling alleys are nice and cool too). 
  44. Get in the car and drive to one of these beachy havens
  45. Or ditch Sydney entirely and get your winter on in London.
  46. Watch an egg fry on the bonnet of your car. If it’s not hot enough, watch it slide down the bonnet of your car in a gooey mess.
  47. Have ice cream for breakfast.
  48. Engage in a nighttime showdown with a mosquito. 
  49. Go for a run on some of Sydney’s best running routes
  50. Make like a 12 year old at a birthday party at Macquarie Ice Rink.

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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