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8 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed (But Suddenly Want)

By Kate Symons
21st Dec 2015

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These are the eight kitchen gadgets you never knew existed, but now that you do you want them. And you want them now.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

A wine aerator? That’s just a decanter right? Well, yes and no. A wine aerator does a decanter’s job but has it completed in seconds. There’s a whole lot of science behind the design but I’ll just tell you want to know. Uncork, pour and enjoy… Instantly! You can also order personalised aerators now too… What an age we live in.

Yonanas frozen dessert maker

You had me at “dessert maker”. Actually, you had me at “dessert”. You lost me a little at “maker” because of the implication I had to do stuff. You won me back when I learnt how damn simple the “making” part was. The Yonanas frozen dessert maker turns overripe bananas into a delicious treat that tastes like soft-serve ice cream. The banana base makes Yonanas a healthy alternative to ice cream and you can create plenty of flavour variations by simply adding different ingredients. So Santa, if you’re listening…

Pizza slicer fork

Do you know what a pizza slicer fork is? It’s a pizza slicer and… wait for it… a fork. The 2-in-1 eating utensil sounds kind of ridiculous but it turns out to be, in fact, kind of amazing. Just think, you can eat pizza using one hand and drink beer using the other (which I guess is the way it works when you eat pizza the regular way but just humour me for a moment).

Aqua Farm

A fish tank and a garden in one? Who thinks of these things? A clever clogs, that’s who. The Aqua Farm is a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows food. Genius! Think fresh herbs like basil, mint and coriander at your fingertips all while “Bubbles” lives the high life, oblivious to his green thumb. Or should that be green bum? For it is Bubbles’ poo that feeds the plants. The plants, in turn, clean the water. All you have to do is remember to feed Bubbles.

Citrus sprayer

Talk about your nifty gadgets. This citrus sprayer is quite the buy. Just cut the top off your citrus of choice, screw in the sprayer and spritz, spritz, spritz to your heart’s content. Salad dressing? Spritz! Cocktail zest? Spritz! Weapon of eyesight destruction? Spritz! Is anyone else enjoying the word spritz as much as I am? No? That’s awkward then.

Mandoline slicer  

It slices and dices; it grates and juliennes. And if I sound like an infomercial it’s because the mandolin slicer—by way of the ‘V-Slicer’—is one of my most vivid memories of the long-form television commercial. I’ve always considered infomercials to be a warning against buying a product but the mandolin slicer is an exception to the rule. It really does make chopping fruit and vegetables a breeze. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

Avocado slicer

Slicing an avocado isn’t very hard so you might not be on the lookout for a tool that will make the task easier. But then along comes the 3-in-1 avocado slicer and your life is changed forever. Hyperbole aside, the avocado slicer does make you realise the seemingly simple chore of preparing an avo for human consumption had plenty of room for improvement. The best part? No more slippery avocado seeds leaving a trail of green goop as they bounce waywardly around the kitchen.

Hug Doug spoon saver

Just one look at Doug and you won’t be able to resist. He’s so cute. Bonus: he’s also useful. This little guy is the adorable solution to a small but oh-so-frustrating kitchen woe. Doug will save your spoon from submerging into the saucepan. Thank you, Doug! He will also keep utensils off the kitchen bench, which means less clean-up. Thank you Doug. He will also make you a cuppa when you’re feeling low. Actually, he won’t do that. But we still love you Doug!   

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