All The Reasons Melbourne Is Not The World’s Most Liveable City

By Simone Jovel - 16 Aug 2017


In news that shocked lovers of warm weather and ocean views everywhere—Melbourne has once again been crowned the world’s most livable city.

So we’re not saying we’re competitive. We’re just saying that maybe you say tomato and we say definitely not what we’d be calling the most livable. But, at the end of the day, you do you, Melbourne. We’ll just be here sunning ourselves in August, whilst you folk enjoy that wind chill.

Here are all of the very valid reasons Melbourne is not the world’s most liveable city.

  1. If you love that chilled-to-your-bones feeling, then we guess you should live there. 
  2. It’s really great that Melbourne has so many rooftop bars. 
  3. It’s a shame they’re not actually that enjoyable (refer to point 1).
  4. Here in Sydney, we have actual sunshine all. Year. ‘Round. 
  5. And beaches.
  6. Alllllll of the beaches.
  7. Right near the city.
  8. None of those faux-beach-really-a-bay situations (here’s looking at you St Kilda).
  9. There’s also a severe lack of flesh eating sea creatures here.
  10. And Hipsters.
  11. As well as all those people who have an aversion to colour.
  12. #TooCulturedForLife.
  13. AFL is the only sport that exists.
  14. Those bloody trams.
  15. The airport is aaaaaaaaaaages away.
  16. How many 7/11s does one city actually need?
  17. Potentially for all those snacks on the way to the airport.
  18. You know how the flight to Europe feels LONG? Well, from Melbourne, it’s even longer.
  19. It’s flat AF. Flat = ain’t no decent views around here.
  20. Sydney has the Opera Bar, Melbourne has that cafe (or is it a bar?) on the river situation.
  21. We have the Nutella ice cream doughnut cone. ‘Nuff said.

Here's where you can find that Nutella ice cream doughnut cone.

Image credit: City of Melbourne

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