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Aussie BBQ Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Anna May
18th Dec 2015


While January might be freezing and snowy in other parts of the world, it simply must come served with a cold glass of wine, a few slices of pork with crispy crackling fresh from the barbie and plenty of laughs.

Whatever you get up to this summer, there’s bound to be a BBQ somewhere in the mix – so grab your tongs, slap on some Stingose and make sure you’ve got some of these other epic items for the ultimate Aussie summer break.

Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes

There’s nothing worse than the moment when you’re gearing up for a delicious meaty feast and a rookie BBQer gets behind the grill, leaving you with a disappointing assortment of goodies that would otherwise have made your day. That’s where Heat Beads® come in - these bad boys make cooking over coals foolproof and ensure even the most novice outdoor cook can achieve that authentic, smoky BBQ taste everyone knows and loves. Once you’ve cooked over coals – the traditional way – and seen that juicy leg of lamb simply falling off the bone… you’ll never BBQ with gas again.

Novelty apron

I know, I know. But you’ve got to give the person in charge of the BBQ something, don’t you? Nothing wins an affectionate eye-roll more than a cheeky apron, and at least this one doesn’t have plastic boobs on it (although they do occasionally result in an amusing Mrs Doubtfire-esque fire incident).

Cool as Beverage Dispenser

Remember what I said about keeping hydrated? I mean with cocktails. What brings together a family more than an icy cold beverage made with love? Nada. This lovely drink dispenser will keep everyone happily hydrated and sufficiently merry before you start to overheat.

Awesome Speakers

Whether you’re going to blast Bieber all day long (God help you), throw on a bit of Tame Impala, or simply rock an awesome playlist you’ve been crafting for months, everyone’s going to appreciate some tunes. These UE boom speakers are ridiculously easy to use and are an excellent tool to encourage selective hearing. What? Time to clean up? Didn’t hear you.

Flamingo-shaped inflatable drink holder

How freakin’ incredible is this?! Even if you don’t have a pool, you need to get your hands on one of these. But if you do, just picture your Pimms conveniently floating around the pool on a flamingo

Party Games

If you can get everyone together long enough (and make them get along long enough) to play a game, do it. It makes for awesome photos and gives you that deliciously warm and fuzzy feeling you just can’t get elsewhere. This set of Scattles is a good way to keep it quick, cheerful and light. No Monopoly breakdowns, please.

Fancy Esky

Deep breaths are a good idea for your BBQ-hosting sanity, but the drinks can be sorted out with this awesome esky that doubles as a cheeseboard and drink stand, and isn’t hideous. Triple win.

Underwater Camera

Again, even if you don’t have a pool this is an awesome idea. Get off your phone and conserve your memories for the day with this epic underwater camera. You have limited shots, so use them wisely! Bring the photos to your next get together and look over them. Mnawwww.

Competition time!

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Image credit: Heat Beads

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