Boozy Tea Exists And We’re At Our Peak Adulting Lives

By Urban List Writers - 18 Jul 2018


Guys, we think we may have found something that’s your cup of tea. Tea-rrific. Okay, tea jokes complete (kind of).

For your glorious adult lives the geniuses at Lifestyle Notion have created Alcohol Tea Bombs because sipping on plain ol’ chamomile tea is sooo 2017. 

Basically, instead of pouring hot water over these tea bags, you pour your fave tipple instead, star jump in your kitchen for ten minutes and wham-bam you’ve got yourself a super-cocktail. 

With six tasty flavours, you can DIY tea-cocktails all year round. The ‘Don’t Apple-ogise’ bursting with apple, cinnamon and orange dresses up your light or dark spirit of choice or you can pair a red wine or spiced rum with the new ‘Don Draper’ which is the ultimate winter warming drink enjoying cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange peel flavours.

All packages include ten tea bags that are 100% certified organic and environmentally friendly and recyclable. So, you’re officially an at home cocktail aficionado and you don’t even have to feel guil-tea. Last pun, promise. 

Grab a pack of these gems in your flavour of choice here

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