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Everything You Should Be Binge Watching This Month

By James Shackell - 06 Mar 2018


We know, we know, The Oscars are on. But honestly who’s got the time? There’s just too much good TV to watch in one human lifetime (unless we shed our skins and live multiple lifetimes like in Altered Carbon...another show you should be watching).

Here’s everything you should be binging the crap out of in March 2018.


On My Block

A coming-of-age comedy set in a rough, inner-city LA neighbourhood. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad you’re not in high school anymore.

Flint Town

Flint Town is a two-year docudrama set in Flint, Michigan (Michael Moore’s economically ravaged hometown). Filmmakers followed the local cops around to see what modern-day policing is REALLY like (hint: it’s not great).  

The Push

This one is getting out of control. It’s a simulated experiment set up by UK magician Darren Brown to see if he could get unwitting duped to ‘murder’ someone by pushing them off a building. Now people are saying the

Grand Designs

Awww yeah. It’s about damn time. Now we can binge watch Kevin McLeod making subtle comments about ceilings and budgets and ‘bold choices’ while heavily invested homeowners squirm and cry inside. Maybe we’re getting the wrong thing out of this show. Also, if you like Grand Designs, watch this. You’re welcome.

Girls Incarcerated

Like OITNB, but for real. Girls Incarcerated takes a close-crop, non-judgemental look at female teen imprisonment in the States. If you’re a true-crime sorta person, you’ll love it. Also—no trailer anywhere in the universe? What’s that about, Netflix?

A few more to check out...


Luke Warm Sex

Be careful what you Google with this one, that’s all we’re saying. Each week comedian Luke McGregor takes on a new sex challenge with the help of sex therapists in order to become better at sex. Sex sex sex.  

Our Cartoon President

A Showtime cult hit that Stan somehow swiped from under Netflix’s covetous talons. Cartoon President is based on a Stephen Colbert segment. You don’t need too much political awareness to guess what this is gonna be about...

The Detour

If you enjoyed the wacky hijinks of Road Trip, you’ll get a giggle out of The Detour. It follows a New York family as they flee south to Florida. And yes, there are several detours.

A few more to check out...

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