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Here’s Where You Can Sink Your Teeth Into A Metre-Long Vegan Pizza

By Jessica Best
3rd Sep 2018

Look alive people, we’re tossing some major vegan news your way this morning and you’re going to want to be alllllll over it (under it and around it).

To put it bluntly, your future Sundays just got a whole lot better with the team at The Italian Bar Pizza in Willoughby upping the ante and combining three of their OG vegan bases into one. Yes, that means a whole metre of vegan goodness. Let us explain.

Every Sunday, these guys are serving up a slathering of the ultimate vegan toppings on a metre-long woodfired pizza aptly named The Vegan Godfather. The tasty affair is a glorious amalgamation of their regular vegan pizzas called The Cicciolina, Papa Smurf and Vittorio’s Secret.

To sum it up, you’ll be packing your bellies with all the notzarella, roasted zucchinis, mushrooms, truffle oil, roast potatoes and grilled eggplant every Sunday from here on out. For more deets, head here.

The Details

What: The Vegan Godfather one-metre pizza
When: Available Sundays from 12pm-2:30pm
Where: The Italian Bar Pizza

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Image credit: Supplied

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