The Most Insta-Worthy Exhibitions To Catch This August

By Holly Kingston
9th Aug 2018

instaworthy exhibitions august

ICYMI, we’re totally on board with this whole #doitforthegram concept, coz, well if you didn’t gram it, it didn’t happen… right? Folks, we’re talking epic installations at the Sydney Science Festival, utterly incred snaps of all thangs weird and date night at the Archibald.

Here are the most Insta-worthy exhibitions to see in Sydney this August.

Sun Xun

MCA welcomes one of China’s most exciting young artists Xun Sun. He’s taking over level one with his first Australian solo exhibition and, for lack of a better word, it’s pretty darn fantabulous. The display features a 40-metre-long painting on bark paper and a series of woodcuts. During the first week, the oh-so-talented artist created a 10-metre-long painting in view of the public, this is also on show. You won’t want to miss this spectacular display.  

What: Sun Xun
When: Monday 9 July to Sunday 14 October 2018
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art 

Between Suns 

Cement Fondu is an exciting new live art space in Paddo. It’s currently showing a powerful exhibition called Between Suns that offers insight into the Australian refugee and migrant experience. There are five artists offering rare insight into the anxiety and complexities associated with migration. This specially curated selection of multimedia artworks is stunningly real, and the best part? The artworks are for sale and 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Refugee Art Project. 

What: Between Suns
When: Thursday – Sunday, 11-5pm (Until September 16)
Where: Cement Fondu, Paddington 

Human Non-Human

As part of the 2018 Sydney Science Festival, this series of epic installations delves to ask those deep AF questions aka what makes us human? How might humans adapt in the future? It focuses on four main aspects of human experience; food, work, sex and belief. Don’t dilly dally though because Human Non-Human is only on until August 19 and it is totes worth getting your inner science geek on for. 

What: Human Non-Human
When: 10-5pm (Sydney Science Festival until August 19)
Where: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo 

Dale Frank 

We are so in love with this colourful and quirky exhibit by performance artist and abstract painter, Dale Frank. On display are a series of installations and abstract works with bizarre, imaginative titles to match. One abstract piece on Perspex has an almost graffiti-like appearance and is titled ‘His life was perfect he used to play golf attend trivia nights at the local RSL and could afford Calvin Klein underwear’, whilst another consists of 207 dyed hair wigs titled ‘Dale Dug Another Hole. This exhibit is a little extra, and oh-so-grammable.

What: Dale Frank
When: 12 July – 11 August, 10-6pm Tuesday - Friday 11-6pm Saturday
Where: Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Paddington

Doppelgänger By Louis Pratt

This display is so epic it may have you seeing double. Louis Pratt’s exhibition "Doppelgänger" explores the ideas around what happens to us as we enter into and emerge from digital spaces. Inspired by an eerie recurring nightmare that he had as a child which had his body suspending into blackness and stretching out and changing in unreal and terrifying ways. LBH, we’re all suckers for some social media action (#doitforthegram) and Louis’ sculptures look at our ‘digital shadow’. He sees social media as a breadcrumb-trail of data made up of our tastes, habits, anxieties and desires.

What: Doppelgänger by Louis Pratt
When: 26 July – 11 August, 9-5pm  Monday – Friday, 11-4pm Saturday  
Where: Nanda Hobbs, Chippendale

Archibald Prize

We’re sensing some serious date night vibes coming on. Y’all need to check out the utterly phenom annual Archibald Prize exhibit. The display features over 50 portrait paintings by Australasian residents of people prominent in art, letters, science or politics. The best part? On Wednesday’s, the AGNSW is open til 10pm so we’re thinking a visit to Chiswick at the Galley for a glass of champaz and ½ a dozen oysters pre-or-post peruse is mandatory.  

What: The Archibald Prize 
When: Saturday 12 May t0 Sunday 9 September 2018 
Where: Art Gallery of NSW

Frank Hurley: Sydney Photographer 

Who’s ready for an epic blast from the past? There’s an exhibition going on in Manly feat. works by Frank Hurley… aka official photographer for both world wars and for some of our greatest adventurers; Ernest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson… aka pretty damn phenomenal dude. This display sees stunning images taken while in Sydney at the beginning of the 20th Century and also in the 1950’s. Many of the photos haven’t been shown before and it’s a side of Sydney that most of y’all would’ve never seen, a time when you could still drive down the centre of Martin Place. Frankly Frank, we’re into it. For more info, head here

What: Frank Hurley: Photographer & Gardener
When: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm (until 14 October)
Where: Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Manly 

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

You know those feels when your pet does something cute AF and you go to Insta story the little fluff monster and they have the audacity to stop what they’re doing… eugh c’mon Nigel lift your game mate; my loyal followers have to see your kitten talents. Believe it or not, there are photographers out there who have extraordinary patience, ingenuity and talent and manage to capture wildlife and the natural world in all its beauty. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards and world-renowned exhibition is on loan for us Sydneysiders from the Natural History Museum in London. Chosen from 50,000 entries there are 100 finalists who have taken intimate animal portraits and astonishing wild landscapes. LBH, this showcase is pretty damn wild so go have yourself a whale of a time and get down Darling Harbour pronto. 

What: Wildlife Photographer of the Year
When: Daily 9.30am-5pm 

Where: Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour

Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties

This photographic exhibition is pretty darn badass. Descent into Sydney’s seedy underworld at the Museum of Sydney with a display that reveals a dark side of the Roaring Twenties. There are more than 130 completely #candid mugshots taken by NSW police between 1920 and 1930. We’re talking peeps like Cocaine King Phil “The Jew” Jeffs and underworld figure Kate Leigh who once appeared in Woy Woy Court charged with assault and stealing three pounds. Get geared up to see some faces with a helluva lot of ‘tude and some epic pieces of century-old history. For more, head here.

What: Underworld Mugshots exhibition from the Twenties
When: Daily 10-5pm
Where: Museum of Sydney, Sydney CBD

James Cameron: Challenging the Deep

Our boy JC is a man of many talents (we’re talking James Cameron, the director of the Titanic and Avatar here peeps, duh). Among directing some of the highest grossing films of all time, he obvs has a ton of spare time (#bludger) in which he spends deep-sea exploring. Boy, we’ve got some great news for y’all, there’s now an awesome exhibit down at Darling Harbour which showcases much of the utterly incred things he’s done. We’re talking an actual copy of his own personal Titanic script with original markups, costumes and docos all about how he pioneered underwater recording, lighting, communication and diving technologies. Cue highly emotive ‘I’ll never let go’ rant.  

What: James Cameron: Challenging the deep
When: Tuesday 29 May 2018 to Wednesday 30 January 2019 
Where: Australian National Maritime Museum 

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Image credit: Museum Of Contemporary Art

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