Bring On The Meat Sweats | Argentinian Grilling

By Anna May
16th Dec 2015

La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot
La Boca restaurant mascot

Carnivores, assemble! 

Trust me when I say I understand that deep need for a hunk of meat every now and again. And I understand the need for it to be better than what the average corner pub or Weber BBQ can whip up. So trust me when I tell you that La Boca Bar & Grill in Mascot is the place to be for a meaty feast that will change chance your perception of a classic grilled piece of meat. 

And if you don’t trust me, then you simply must trust La Boca’s chef Nicolas Arriola, who has worked at a 3-Michelin starred restaurant in Spain, as well as other epic locations in everywhere from Budapest to New Zealand, and Singapore. Nicolas has brought his grill skills to La Boca and would love you to pay him a visit. 

Why? Glad you asked. What sets La Boca aside from other meaty restaurants is the care that goes into each meal. All of the meat is one hundred per cent locally sourced and grass fed, which deserves 100 points just there, because I simply cannot abide a substandard steak these days. Plus, it’s always nice to know there are some great restaurants in Sydney that serve sustainable meat.  

The juicy, flavoursome goodness that comes through every dish is thanks to the traditional Argentinian preparation,  one of Australia’s largest Asador and parrilla wood-fire grills that sits in the middle of the restaurant, slow cooking the meats and giving them that incomparable charcoal flavour, while staying perfectly cooked in the middle. 

And that’s just the steaks. La Boca offer a full menu of grilled goodness including a 450g rack of pork ribs. Yeah, that got your attention. These ones are house smoked, slow cooked and with a bourbon glaze. Sticky, smoky and downright addictive, they are worth every bit of saucy goodness you get on your face. 

For something a little left-of-centre, the Asador serves up those juicy, fatty cuts of tender meat that have me singing to the cow gods every time a piece melts in my mouth quicker than it landed on my plate. The 8-hour wood-fired lamb is a must if you’re going to take the asada route.  

I can practically hear the boozehounds tapping their feet waiting for me to mention the alcohol situation. Cool it, guys, it’s coming in red hot with a whole lot of local and international beers, plenty of Aussie and Argentine wines, and a pleasing array of cocktails. Grab a jug of sangria and get the party started. 

Hey there, my vegetarian friends, there’s no need to feel left out, La Boca has plenty of options to keep you happy and not left out in the cold. The vegetarian burger is a feast in itself: a lentil and garbanzo pattie with smoked capsicum and eggplant, melted provolone, rocket and chimmichurri. I dare you not to make your mates jealous after punishing that hunk of green goodness. 

The menu isn’t small, that’s for sure, but that just makes it the perfect spot to go in with your nearest and dearest and get your empanada and grilled meat on. 

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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