Sydney’s New Mezze Train (And 7 Foods We Wish Were In Train-Form)

By Zo Zhou
27th Nov 2015

restaurants in mascot

In a fit of pure genius, Mezza Train has opened in Mascot, serving up Mediterranean and Lebanese goodies, sushi-train style. Yes, that’s right, no awkward reaching across the table to fight for that last bit of smooth, silky hummus. Oh yes, and those dolmades will make their own way to you now. 

If you struggled to resist mezze before, it’s safe to say your struggle is about to get a lot more real. Good news though—unlike your regular sushi train, there are also plenty of awesome salads to balance out all the kebabs we know you’re going to go for (and no, they’re not just the garnish).

So now that this is clearly a THING, what’s to stop other delicious foods coming straight at us in miniature form so we can justify eating five plates of them? Nothing, we say. The floodgates have been opened, people. Here’s what else we wish we could get delivered to our table in train form.

A Slider Train

We’re pretty sure this needs no explanation or justification whatsoever, but imagine not ever having burger envy, or being able to try multiple burgers in one sitting. Now that’s living. The same goes for a sandwich train, which would also mean more of the sandwich makes it into our mouths, not all over the table.

The Ultimate Brunch Train

Maybe finally we’ll be able to just call it breakfast because we didn’t spend half an hour coordinating the perfect combination of brunch dishes for the table, so we could have both the pancakes AND a hash brown plus the avo on toast. All. At. Once.

A Cocktail Train

Drink technicalities aside, this would give shots a total run for their money. Miniature umbrellas also totally mandatory if this is to ever become a thing.

A Cheese Train

Because our cheese platters always seem to run out of crackers or some other condiment, and then we’re stuck with just cheese. Oh wait, this isn’t really a flaw. Move on. 

Yum Cha Train

Come on, yum cha. Up your game, you know a sushi train is superior to a trolley. Also it’s not that far from a lazy susan right?

Mini Pizza Train

Because if you’ve ever been to a pizza place with a menu that’s actually good, you will know the deep regret you feel when you wish you could fit in those other toppings you were eyeing up earlier. 

Taco Train

Can you just imagine all the wonderful tacos you could eat in one sitting? Want guac? No worries, this magical train will deliver. Sure, the tacos might get soggy, but in our fantasy land, this doesn't happen.

Okay Sydney, we’ve done all the hard thinking. Now we just sit back and wait for the perfect new train to come to us, right?

Image credit: Mezza Train

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