Guys, This Avo On Toast Is Worth Over A Million Bucks

By Jessica Best
21st Aug 2018

If you thought the days of connecting avocado on toast with the ‘average price for a house in Sydney’ were over, sit down and think again.

Look, we’ll never quite live down the day the ultimate baby boomer Tim Gurner told us to pipe down and stop eating so much smashed avo on toast and just save for a house instead, but we can definitely appreciate the funnel of conversations (and feisty online retaliations) that have followed. 

Cue the super clever power-duo, Julia and Ken Yonetani who have created an actual sculpture that throws back to the sassy interweb and brunch shade times of 2017 in a piece that rings close to  the infamous ‘Avo Toast’ meme we know all too well.

Their work is called Avocado On Toast: the reality sandwich and it’s valued at the nifty price-tag of $1,041,689—the median price for a house in Sydney. The sculpture tosses up questions around our different perceptions of value in real estate and art markets. The real heavy-hitting question weighs up the actual worth of a house and sculpture and we have to say, well played Julia and Ken, well played.

The internationally-acclaimed artist couple has shown work in the Venice Biennale, New York’s Armory Show, Mizuma Gallery Tokyo and the National Art Gallery of Australia.

And should you want to ponder the big city-stricken question of our generation for yourself, you can absolutely go check this million-dollar bad boy out at the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. Head here for more deets (and ironically, the exhibition is totally free).

The Details

What: Avocado On Toast: the reality sandwich, Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
When: Saturday 20 October until Monday 11 November
Where: 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay

Avocado toast chocolate also exists.

Image credit: Supplied

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