Hold Up: The NSW Government Will Pay For Your Car Rego

By Yvonne Lam
11th Jul 2018


There are some expenses that really sting the hip pocket. That tax bill (the biggest killer to the freelance lyf), that bet you lost with your sister (turns out Solange is not Beyoncé’s secret daughter), and car rego. That damn car rego. 

Car registration is an expensive, yearly beast. Don’t lie, you’ve actually asked yourself, “Just how illegal is it to drive an unregistered vehicle?” (Answer: quite illegal).

Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, someone else footed the bill? Never fear, that person is here, and her name is Gladys. 

Premier Berejiklian and her NSW Government have rolled out a program that offers free rego to drivers. The catch? You need to have spent over $1300 on road tolls in the past financial year (roughly $25 a week). 

If that’s you, when you next register your vehicle, you get a whole year’s rego for free! Depending on your set of wheels, you could save up to $715. That’s a lot of fundraising Freddos you could buy from high school kids. 

The idea of this Toll Relief program is to alleviate the #costofliving for regular toll-using Sydneysiders. So far, drivers have claimed up more than $1.4 million in free rego, and the program’s only been running since 1 July. 

Want more money, I mean, more info? Here you go

While you're here, pay off your credit card

Image credit: Unsplash

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