You Can Now Visit The Upside Down In This Stranger Things Maze

By Jessica Best - 30 Jul 2018

Well, kind of.

Guys, if you’re impatiently waiting for the next season of Stranger Things and have never quite been able to fill that epic Duffer-brother vibe since the last set of episodes aired, well do we have some stellar news for you.

A maze. An actual maze. And yes, it’s everything you want it to be.

Some serious legends, by the name of Exploration Acres actually, have gone and done all us Eleven fans a massive solid and created an eighty thousand hectare (that’s over 20 football fields) corn maze in and we’re done. So, so done.



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The maze carves out a bunch of characters (only seen from above) like Eleven, Mind Flayers, the entire motley crew and of course, that damn, damn Demogorgon. The maze is situated in Indiana (fitting since that’s exactly where the fictional town of Hawkins from Stranger Things is set) so we’re thinking it’s time for a mid-year holiday. Start setting that “OOO” signature, stat.

FYI, this lipstick glows in the dark and it's pretty epic.

Image credit: Netflix

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