Your Favourite Sizzler Restaurant Could Soon Become A Taco Bell

By Yvonne Lam
12th Jul 2018


Aah Sizzler, our favourite all-you-can-eatery from our childhoods (second only to those killer Pizza Hut buffets, of course). So many fond memories of loading up big at the salad bar, tiny bread rolls, and f*ck yeh, those cheese toasties. 

It’s probably been years—heck, decades—since your last Sizzler frenzy. So if you’re keen for a fast-fix of 90s nostalgia (or ironic food adventuring) you better hop to it quick, because a number of Sizzler restaurants are shutting down to make way for...Taco Bell. 

You’ve got Brisbane to thank for this one. In November 2017, Taco Bell opened a test store in Annerley, and apparently it’s going off. Visitors can’t get enough of those appetising Taco Bell creations like the Cheesy Beefy Burrito and the Crunchwrap Supreme™. Much gourmet! Get in my mouth!

After two previous attempts to slay the Australian fast food scene, first in the 1980s and again in 1997, Taco Bell is going to make fetch happen. The Collins Group, who is also the largest franchisee of KFC in Australia, currently owns 14 Sizzler restaurants in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. According to, these Sizzlers are fizzlers, and could soon be re-branded as Taco Bell restaurants. 

We shed a quiet tear. 

Sydney-siders, your nearest Sizzler is in Campbelltown. You know what to do. 

And glad you asked—yes, there is a ball pit party for kidults. 

Image credit: Taco Bell

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