The All Bases Covered Christmas Gift Guide

By Florence Tan
17th Dec 2015

christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide
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christmas gift guide
christmas gift guide

We know, we know, for all the joy and festive cheer Christmas brings, there’s an equal and opposite reaction made up of mainly having no f*ing idea of what to buy people. But push pause on that panic button and take a deep breath—we’ve got the list of the best Christmas presents to buy for every type of person in your life. 

Booze Hound

Firedrum Vodka | $80

This one’s for that friend who’s the first and last to be at the bar on any given night out. Treat them to a sophisticated spirit made from 100% Tasmanian barley and pure Tassie mountain water meaning it’s essentially healthy, right?

The Original Ice Ball | $12.95

For the love of balls… ice balls! If you’re going to indulge in a spot of whisky you can’t risk on letting that tumbler run luke warm. Melting five times slower than your regular ice cube, it’ll allow you to sip and savour your poison. 

Suntory Whisky (specially wrapped)

Japanese whisky has been one of the boozy revelations of 2015 so we can’t think of a better present for your alcohol-loving pal then this. And with special gift wrapping available from selected Dan Murphy’s on 18th and 19th December, you won’t even have to attempt to wrap that bottleneck.

Mr Black x Campos Liquer | $80

This a liqueur with a difference. A masterful collaboration between two liquid heavyweights, it merges the brews that bookend our days into one delicious coffee liqueur. Delicious. 

Beauty Queen

Mukti Organics Ultimate Christmas Pack | $154.95

This is for the girl in your life who is serious about her skincare ritual and never has a hair out of place. Covering everything from the neck up, this Mukti Organics range is eco-luxe at its best.

Shu Uemura Christmas bento boxes | From $104

Put together by a brand that takes its inspiration from Tokyo’s avant-garde, this is a gift that’s guaranteed to earn you major points with whomever is lucky enough to receive it. 

Miu Miu Eau de Parfum | $130

This beautiful perfume not only pleases the senses but also doubles as a stylish pop of colour on the vanity. Whilst elegant with its floral notes of lily of the valley and rose, as is typical of Miu Miu, this one has a modern edge. 

GHD Platinum Styler Pack | $315

A present for that person who’s been VERY good this year, not only do you get the cult-classic straightener but it also comes with a striking roll bag so you never ever leave it in a hotel room again (guilty!). 

Moroccan Oil Hydrate Collection | $83.50

Perfect for a Moroccan Oil convert or for a friend who’s been going on and on about getting into hair oils. This one is a nice introduction to the whole nourishing range.


Mr Bond gift voucher at the Barbershop at Spa Q | $80

If you’ve got a mate who likes to be clean-shaven or would like to perhaps give a helpful hint to the more harrier man in your life, then a Mr Bond voucher at Spa Q would be the nice way to do it.

Mr Magnificent Gift Box | $32.95

There’s no shame in a man who likes to take care of their mug. With two gentle evo products that keep the skin hydrated and hair in place, the Mr Magnificent Gift Box covers it all. 

Manscaper Voucher | Starting at $50

MANKiND in Surry Hills is a multi-faceted skincare clinic that’s purposefully designed with men in mind and offers a variety of services including waxing, massages and skincare treatments. And with a variety of vouchers perfect for any budget – it’s a gift that gives a whole new meaning to the term mani-pedi.

Handsome Devil’s Co Body Scrub | $22.50

For the filthiest of souls, the Handsome Devil Co’s Coconut Body Scrub is so heavenly it’s almost sinful to use it. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises all in one go—giving whoever you give it to their ticket to the smoothest skin around. 

Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner | $73

Packed with cold-pressed marula oil, this duo practically has antioxidants bursting out of the bottle. And in simple black and white packaging, your male friend won’t have to feel embarrassed having this in the shower. 


Porte A Vie, Milan Pyjamas in Black | $119.95

This handmade comfortable long sleeve pyjama & short set are ridiculously soft making this one dreamy way to go to bed. And the black version is a little bit naughty in the best of ways. 

Pared eyewear, Le Discotheque range, Pools & Palms | starting at $240

As is made clear by the Queen of fashion herself, Anna Wintour, sunglasses aren’t just an accessory, they’re a staple. Featuring a flattering shape, gifting one of these handcrafted Pools & Palms sunnies will no doubt earn you some major style points. 

Aje Gift Box | Starting at $225

Bringing together some of this lust-worthy brand’s iconic pieces, Aje’s Christmas Boxes will keep you at the top of the shortlist for best relative/friend/general human being. Gorgeously wrapped and ready to go, all you’ll have to do is sit back and wait for the thank you card in the mail.

Man Mail Traveller Box | $145

For the male fashion savant, this Traveller set by Man Mail marries practicality and style perfectly. Complete with a Cuban tobacco candle, travel essentials pack and a specifically designed bag to store all your electrics and footwear, your gift will no doubt see the globe. 

Amber Sceats Harvie Bangle | $139

The minimalistic design of this Harvie Bangle means it’s a gift that will surely get a lot of daily wear. Featuring rose gold plating it just screams luxury and style. 

B&O H7 earphones | $699

Reserved for that person who’s been extremely good this year, the H7 is a premium wireless headphone that delivers that signature Bang & Olufsen sound without having to be charged throughout the day. Featuring touch control and an uber soft lamb-skin cushion, it’s a stylish way to keep on top of those beats.

Outdoor Adventurer

Inflatable Flamingo | $99.95

It’s not a pool party unless an inflatable flamingo is involved, or so Instagram says. Give the gift of good summer vibes this Chrissie with this pink bad boy.  

Lululemon Swimwear | from $69

Whether they’re a fan of the monochrome look or love to rock a bold pattern, the swimwear range by Lululemon takes the wearer from land to water with ease. 

BridgeClimb | starting from $158

If you’re looking for a gift that will quite literally take your breath away, look no further. A spectacular treat that presents one of the most unique ways to take in our beautiful city, it’s one of those Sydney things that’s way more than just a tourist attraction. 

Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill | $329

Little but mighty, this portable grill means you can still have the comforts of home when you’re getting a little closer to nature. This one’s perfect for the friend that loves a snag as much as they like to pitch a tent. 

Fitbit Charge HR | $229.95

Keep on the pulse of things and give this one to your mate that’s constantly on the move. With the ability to track your workouts, monitor your heart rate and keep on top of your sleep patterns the Fitbit Charge HR is the premium way to keep fit.

Reid Vintage Roadster in navy | $299

This versatile two-wheeler combines all the technical goodies that make a smooth ride with a nostalgic vintage look. Ideal for getting you to work during the week and going for a cruisy ride on the weekends, it’s perfect for the person who likes to stretch their legs and cover some distance. 

Foodie Friend

Spice Temple cookbook | $48.95

Penned by one of Australia’s most influential chefs, the Spice Temple dedicates each page to the best of Chinese cuisine. Named after Neil Perry’s string of Spice Temple restaurants it’ll be a welcome addition to any foodie’s collection. 

Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole | $389

Featuring a new design with easy-grip handles and heat resistant stainless steel, this kitchen staple is incredibly versatile. For that person in your life who likes to roast, stew and simmer giving this quality gift will probably mean many more dinner parties invites in your future! 

Sydney Italian Cooking School voucher | starting from $125

Hosted in a historic Italian Villa in Annandale, the Cucina Italiana Cooking School teaches its pupils how to work that pasta dough just like nonna. Oh, and if you’re a little late on the present buying front, the fact that it’s a voucher means no one will even know. 

KitchenAid Mixer | $799

This is it. The pinnacle of Betty Crocker dreams. Virtually able to make anything, it not only mixes your cupcake batter but can grind meat, make ice cream and slice your veggies for your just to name a few. It’s guaranteed to be the centrepiece of whomever you give it to’s kitchen.

Beäns + Jäzz marble knife block | $989

It kind of came out of nowhere, but something in 2015 happened that meant that we needed marble. And we needed it everywhere. Take the trend into the heart of the house with this knife block. Squeal! 

Tech Nerd

Jawbone Up 3 | $247

The stylish answer to all our fit band desires, the Jawbone Up 3 delivers all the functionality of the others out there without the clunky design. Sleek and available in a variety of colours you can still track your heart health, sleep and activity without having to clash with your evening wear.

Marble iPhone cover | $119.95

If you didn’t catch it before marble is kind of a big deal and since our phones have become essentially our fifth limb, it’s important that they’re as stylish as we are. And this marble iPhone cover fits the bill perfectly.

Sky Walkers | from $799

For the young at heart, there’ve been many attempts at making portable mobility cool. Whilst we’re not sure how successful we’d look on this set of two wheels, we have to admit that the image of us zooming into a lift on this bad boy has us intrigued.

Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker | $299

Quality sound in the palm of your hand, this pocket rocket uses Bluetooth to connect to your device meaning you can take calls out loud as well as listen to your latest playlist. Perfect for really anyone (because who doesn’t love tunes all day long) you’ll be much loved come Christmas day.  

The “I don’t want anything”

Damselfly Candles | from $39.95

Hit your mate right in the nose (figuratively speaking of course) with a triple-scented Damselfly Candle this Christmas. Complete with cheeky quotes helpfully categorised as naughty or nice for easier perusal, it’s a little light of joy ready for the mantel. 

Cards Against Humanity | $49.95

For a gift that’s straight from the dark-side, give your giftee full permission to let the constraints of PC fall away and indulge in their most despicable selves with this classic party game.  

Barnardos Gift for Kids (on behalf of) | range of prices

For a present that really makes an impact, give a bit of gratitude and donate to Barnardos Gifts for Kids on behalf of that person who has it all. With the option to donate cash or buy a child a gift, it’s perfect for any budget.

Australian Ballet Season Pass | starting from $114

A one-way ticket to all-year-round culture, The Australian Ballet sure know how to put on a show. Bringing an elegant experience to the stage, it’s the kind of gift we all secretly want but would never buy for ourselves. 

Bockers & Pony Cheers Hamper | $249

Even for the person who wants no gifts under the tree, no one can say no to a this hamper unless they’re crazzzzy. Complete with olives, biscuits, Veuve and other delicious goodies it’s one way to kick-start the Christmas feasting.  

For the one you actually care about (AKA your furry friend)

Olly’s Box (subscription service) | $55 a box

If your pooch lives better than you, than Olly’s Box is really the cherry on top to their indulgent lifestyle. Delivering toys, treats and chews specifically tailored to the needs of your four-legged pal, it’ll get their tail wagging on Christmas morning for sure. 

Jollie Gourmet Dog Treats | Turkey and Cranberry | $14.95

Because dogs shouldn’t miss out on the festive feasting, treat them with these Jollie Gourmet Dog Treats. Essentially a roast in bite-sized form, they can then snuggle up with you for the resulting Christmas food coma. 

Art by Manda print | from $115

Immortalise those puppy-dog eyes in paint and commission a custom portrait of your pet. Whilst we’re not entirely sure whether this would be more a present for you than your paw-some friend, there’s no judgments here. 

GoPro Fetch dog harness | $94.95

For the pet-owner who thinks they’re pal is an auteur you’ve got to get this harness. We expect a lot of other dogs’ bums, drool and dirt will feature on the dailies but hey, it’s all for the sake of art.

Cat Scratch | $59.95

Don’t be outdone by the person above, with the Cat Scratch your cat is the next headliner for Stereo and no one can say anything about it. Let your feline friend perfect the spin and scratch for endless entertainment.

Health Nut

Sadhana Kitchen ‘Uncooked’ book | $39.95

Following the huge success of her blog, Uncooked is the much anticipated cookbook from Maz Valcorza of Sadhana Kitchen. With stacks of recipes that make raw ridiculously tasty, it’ll have that health fanatic in your life eating well. 

Mukti yoga mat | from $74.95

For the person on your list that does the downward dog daily (that’s not a euphemism for anyone wondering) keep their feet grounded in comfort with a Mukti yoga mat. With three different styles of mats, it’s perfect for both the yogi on-the-go or those that practice regularly at home. 

Bodypass gift voucher | from $99

This one’s perfect for that fitness fanatic in your life that likes to do a bit of everything. From just $99 a month, you’ll give them access to a whole host of boutique exercise classes across Sydney. Think beachside bootcamps, aerial yoga, kick-ass boxing just to name a few. 

Yonanas | $79.95

For a health nut that’s finding it difficult to curb their sweet tooth, giving them a Yonanas machine will have them licking their lips. Harnessing the nutritional value of fruit, it’s a frozen dessert that never gets boring. Especially since you can add in whatever fruits and yummy bits you desire.  

Gardentime | $79.99

A self-automated growing system, even the most forgetful of green-thumbs can have some oxygen producing life in their home. What’s even better is that the 888 tech means your plant will not only have a greater chance at living but will grow faster too. 

Buying on a budget? Head on over to our cheapskates Christmas gift guide here.

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