The Christmas Gift Guide | The Cheapskate’s Edition

By Florence Tan
16th Dec 2015

Whether you’re the one counting down to the cent when the group’s splitting the bill or you’re looking to tone things down a little after you bought everyone a GoPro last year, if you’re doing this festive season on the cheap—pay close attention. 

Amazingly there are some pretty awesome presents out there that all fall under $50. So to help keep your wallets whole and the banks unbroken, we’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for all the cheapskates out there. 

SunnyLife Ice Cream Fan | $19.95

If we’re buying on a budget, you can’t go wrong with something that’s 25% functional, 75% novelty and 100% fabulous. And this Ice Cream Fan is just that.   

Netflix Gift Cards | Available for $20, $30 or $50

The internet gave birth to this one and we’re mighty thankful. Be the aider and abetter of unhealthy binge-watching habits with these Netflix gift cards. Bonus: like the best things in life, the chill part comes for free. 

EOS Lip Balms | $7.95

Like the mystery of the forever-missing bobby pin, you can never have too many lip balms. Available in more flavours than a Messina cabinet, these ones are the original and the best.

Frank Body An Original Introduction | $37.95

Let’s be frank, Christmas is not the time to forgo your beauty regime (you never know who’ll be standing under the mistletoe) so be the best wingman and gift this perfect introduction to Frank Body’s coffee-based skincare.

Chi Khi Care Love Pack | $39.95

Perfect for that friend who’s got a bub in tow or one on the way, this Chi Khi Care Love Pack pairs together their Wonder Cream and Nappy Balm to calm the most irritated of skin. That’s right, add protector of babies’ bottoms to your CV this Christmas. 

Say it with Polish | $18

Step One: Choose nail polish colour. Step Two: Customise the label’s message (the cheekier the better). Step Three: Order. Result? You’re hitting sixes in the Christmas buying department my friend. 

Bookabuy subscription | Starting from $21 a month

In the age of hoverboards, going analog is having a bit of renaissance. Indulge your resident bookworm with this Bookabuy subscription that delivers one hand-picked book a month.  

Brite Organix Hair Shadow | $9.99

Got a festival-following friend around? Or someone who takes their style-inspiration from My Little Pony? Well dip their ends into this. Highly pigmented and super easy to use, the Brite Organix hair shadow makes a bold statement.

Yolkfish Yolk Separator | $14.95

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A fish that separates those yolks from your whites. Egg white omelette? Bitch, please. Genius. 

MiGoals softcover 2016 diary | $22.95

Between the covers of this MiGoals dairy is an organiser, goal keeper and personal motivational speaker all-in-one. It basically says “I’ve got my sh*t together and you should too” to whomever you’re giving it to in a slightly subtler way.  

Christmas shopping got you down? We think your inner Grinch will appreciate this article.

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