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50 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Sydney

By Simone Jovel - 19 Apr 2018


Here at The Urban List we are all about making the best of even the wettest situation, even if it’s not ideal. So stick with us, and we guarantee that when the next deluge hits (or even just that annoying sprinkle) we’ll have you sorted and well on your way to adding some shine to your otherwise gloomy, Uber surcharged, rainy Sydney day.

Here are all of the best fun, boozy or otherwise indoor activities to do in Sydney when it’s raining.

  1. Huddle by the fire at The Commons with a cheese platter and a wine. 
  2. Bunker down in the hidden speakeasy bar Door Knock for dynamic cocktails, and biodynamic wines (see what we did there?). 
  3. Order a mulled wine or three at these Sydney bars. 
  4. Grab a cocktail from underground bar, Lobo Plantation
  5. Get in touch with your cultural side at one of Sydney’s galleries. 
  6. Warm your insides with a legendary ‘narnie’ (naan-style filled wrap) from Three Williams in Redfern. 
  7. Get stuck into the jazz at Restaurant Hubert and be transported back to the 1920s speakeasy days, while sipping on a Negroni.
  8. Enjoy a heart-warming bowl of Japanese noodle soup at Yasaka Ramen (we reckon they do one of the best bowls of ramen about town) because ramen on a rainy day is a given).
  9. Jump on Sydney’s first vegan and vegetarian-only dating apps.
  10. Book yourself into a high tea at Passiontree Velvet. At $13.50 per person for the Devonshire Tea, it’s one of the best value high teas in Sydney.
  11. Get a coffee downstairs at Brewtown Newtown, then head upstairs and shop. Go back downstairs for a coffee. Repeat.
  12. Time to put your grandma’s lessons to good use and up your knitting and sewing skills at Sew Make Create. Don’t you just love wet weather activities?! 
  13. Look out onto the urban farm while you’re toasty warm inside at Acre Eatery
  14. Treat yourself to a massage at one of these best massage places in Sydney. 
  15. Stock up on the best wintery soups to get you through the day. 
  16. Three words: Thai. Hot. Pot
  17. Rainy days call for catching a movie. Grab a pre-cinema cocktail from the Hunter S. Thompson-themed bar Bat Country before making your way over to the Ritz.
  18. Listen to good tunes while snacking on naughty carbs at Mojo Record Bar.
  19. Challenge your mates to a great escape at one of Sydney’s escape rooms. If you ever make it out, here’s to hoping the sun will be shining!
  20. Bounce away the rainy day blues at Skyzone Alexandria.
  21. Take a hot yoga class at One Hot Yoga and Pilates.
  22. Drink all the tea.
  23. Sweat it out at KX Pilates.
  24. Build up an appetite watching these food shows on Netflix.
  25. THen satisfy yourself with these pies.  
  26. Just eat some ramen
  27. Or some laksa.  
  28. Literally climb the walls at these rock climbing gyms
  29. Build a blanket fort, choose a password and don’t let anyone else in. Make sure you bring snacks.
  30. Forget everything with a facial from Melanie Grant.
  31. Look out the window with your friend, pick a raindrop that lands on the glass pane, and race them!
  32. Complain loudly and consistently on social media, to your Uber driver and anyone who will listen about the weather.
  33. Or hide out at one of Sydney’s nine best underground bars
  34. Get some gumboots and go find a puddle.
  35. Order your meat online from The Natural Butcher and have a stove barbie. 
  36. Book that winter escape and bag yourself an upgrade while you’re at it.
  37. Download one of these indoor workout apps so you never have to leave the house again.
  38. Start (and finish) a new diet.
  39.  Organise your closet, you know you need to.
  40. Snuggle other people’s pets. 
  41. Spend the day indoors at one of Sydney’s best day spas.
  42. Hit up the cocktail degustation at Owl House because booze = a good time. 
  43. Read or don’t read one of these self help books.
  44. Find your umbrella.
  45. Spend your day weaving between shop verandahs on King Street.
  46. Grab your credit card, and browse some Australian ethical clothing labels online.
  47. If you’re single use this time to find out why (based on your star sign).  
  48. Watch some classic rain themed movies such as Singing In The Rain or movies that just have rain somewhere in the title.
  49. Work out how you’re going to get through the rest of the year unscathed, because we all need a plan.  
  50. Still need something to do? Take a nap.

Looking for more? Work your way through 50 Things To Do In Sydney Under $50.

mage credit: Federica Portentoso

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