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Two Minutes With Dale Delaporte Of PReMA

By Ellie Schneider
24th Jun 2014

When it comes to your hair, you really want to be confident that it's in good hands. There's nothing worse than leaving the hairdresser mourning the loss of your locks, which lie butchered on the salon floor (seriously, I said 'TRIM'!). That's why we wouldn't trust any one but a skilled specialist, and also why we're constantly on the hunt to find the best hairdresser in Sydney.

Welcome Dale Delaporte of PReMA. Dale is making waves among Sydney's celebrity and fashion set, styling the likes of Cate Blanchett, Miranda Otto, David Wenham, Ruby Rose, and Kimbra to name just a few.

Dale's repertoire is diverse and includes styling for a host of big-name magazines including Marie Claire, RUSSH, Yen, and Cleo, plus he was the official hair stylist for The Voice—he's quickly becoming one of the most sought after hair stylists in the industry.

We caught up with Dale to talk tips and tricks—from the current runway styles, to how to tame your unruly tresses.

TUL: As a leading editorial stylist and MBFW stalwart—what are the current hair trends we should all know about?
Dale Delaporte: All of that textured dry fluff is out out out, and making hair very over moisturised and stringy is in in in!

TUL: Do you have a favourite look from the recent runways?
DD: Second only to directing hair for Phoenix Keating's show this season, Haryono Setiadi's show was one of my favourites. The look was so well suited for the collection. With Alan White at the helm, and the PReMA team only a step behind him, it was bound to be an amazing show.

TUL: Biggest hair faux pas one must avoid?
DD: Going more than three months without a haircut. Working at PReMA, I get my regular clients in every 6-10 weeks. Even if you are growing your hair, a regular light trim is imperative to healthier looking, fuller hair. There's no point having it long if it's nothing but dry split ends . . .

TUL: What is the best way to care for curly tresses?
DD: Curly hair is naturally much drier than other hair. The moisture finds it harder to reach the inner layer of the hair, so it needs that bit more attention. That's why it always sits better when it's on its second or third day. TIGI's Hair Reborn Serenity treatment range is perfect for adding the moisture that will keep curly hair in tiptop shape!

TUL: And for the straight laced?
DD: If your hair is naturally straight, keep your blow-drying and straightening light, to ensure you don't overload it with too much direct heat. Straight hair is generally healthier than curly or frizzy hair, and also tends to not have as much texture and movement, so get some light layering to add a bit of oomph. That will ensure it doesn't look the same every day. Clients with straight hair also complain about lack of volume— the KMS Add Volume shampoo and conditioner range will turn that around quick smart!

TUL: Do certain face shapes suit particular cuts or styles?
DD: Absolutely! There are many different types of face shape, and you should definitely discuss with your stylist what would work the best for you specifically. But, don't think just cutting certain shapes is going to be possible. There are many factors when considering your haircut. Face shape, hair type, hair growth direction, natural texture, density etc. So don't get set on a certain look until your stylist has said it's going to work considering all of those factors.

TUL: What should the dyed and dried brigade do to re-invigorate their locks?
DD: Damaged hair can't be brought back, so your best bet is to get onto the treatments ASAP! TIGI's Hair Reborn Awakening is incredible for revitalising damaged hair from colour, sun, or styling. This is the most effective way of stopping damage in its tracks. Grab some Reborn's Restorative Illuminoil too. This will fix the damage that has been taken out on those ends.

Most importantly, remember for next time that whenever you put your hair through, any kind of damage causing processes, an amazing treatment range should follow immediately. Not using a good shampoo, conditioner, and treatment range after spending hundreds on a cut and colour is like using LPG in your non LPG Porsche just because it was the cheaper option.

TUL: Most unusual hair tip?
DD: I don't think there are any weird hair tips around any more, are there? They were all either exposed, a lie, or so abstract that no one in their right mind would even try it! Just treat your hair with respect, and always under estimate it. It's better than over estimating its strength and completely massacring it!

TUL: Who is your hair icon?
DD: Naming just one hairstyle icon is impossible as it changes every day. My hair is so incredibly transient that it's hard even for me to keep up most of the time. Thank God I have the incredible team at PReMA to look after me. Two heads are better at keeping track of my ideas than one, right . . . ?

Head here for PReMA's behind-the-scenes footage and how-to guides from Fashion Week.

Image credit: PReMA


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