Two Minutes With Tash Oakley

By Anna May
14th Dec 2015

We first fell head-over-girl-crushing-heels with Tash Oakley when she popped up on our Insta feeds with A Bikini A Day. Since then, she has accumulated millions of followers, pretty much defined what the perfect life looks like, and has us reaching for the credit card every time she posts. 

Her most recent venture is a partnership Fitbit, the awesome activity tracker that keeps us in check after a few too many lazy days. We caught up with her to chat workouts, cheat days, and what’s next for this beach babe. 

You’re obviously incredibly fit, but how has using the Fitbit changed your exercise regime?

Before [I used the Fitbit] I would work out, but I wouldn’t actually know what I’ve achieved. I guess the best thing Fitbit does is monitor my workout, so I know if I’ve hit my goals more accurately.

What’s the best way to have fun with your Fitbit?

I love the fact that Fitbit is so interactive! My friends and I have competitions to challenge each other and it’s so addictive!

Your job requires being in the sun a lot, how do you stay sun safe?

LOTS of sunscreen! I will [also] always wear a hat and am especially protection of my face and chest. I wear sunscreen daily, not just when I'm on the beach, and am very aware of the damage the sun can do.

We first fell in love with you in a bikini, but now we’re dying over everything in your wardrobe. Which labels do you love to wear?

I love supporting Australians designers and most of my favourites are actually Australian. I wear a lot of Camilla & Marc, Scanlan & Theodore, Zimmermann, Manning Cartel and Bec & Bridge. 

What’s next for you? Apart from world domination, of course.

I have a lot of exciting things planned for next year and I’m glad to be adding my role as fitness and fashion ambassador for Fitbit as one of them—if I told you everything it wouldn’t be a surprise (winking face). 

You travel a lot, but when you’re in Sydney, what are your favourite cafes, restaurants and bars? 

My favourite spot for breakfast is Ruby’s Diner in Waverley, for lunch I love Indigo in Double Bay and for dinner I love Billy Kwong. My most recent favourite is Cali Press, I always order the Godfather smoothie.

Obviously you work out hard, but what’s on your plate when cheat day rolls around?

I can’t resist a glass of rose in the afternoon, and I love dark chocolate after a meal— they are my vices.

Finally, what’s at the top of your Christmas wish list?

I’ve been dying over Chloe’s latest collection and I’ve had my eye on a few things from there, so fingers crossed!

Image credit: A Bikini A Day

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