The Urban List Sydney: 10 Most Popular Articles Of 2014 (So far…)

By Kim Barnard
30th Jun 2014

The end of June, and thus the first half of 2014, is the perfect time of year to take stock, reflect, and ponder how your year is tracking.

Some may see it as an occasion to inspect their finances, get their tax return in order, start making plans and bookings for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, or to cry despondently into a pint of cookie dough ice cream bewildered at how another year can flash so ridiculously rapidly before your eyes (we're getting so old!).  

But not us! Here at The Urban List, we see this halfway mark as an opportunity to ask the truly important question in life: what have we eaten this year so far, and, what do we want to eat before the year is over. If you're on the same page as us, and food comes before finances in your list of life priorities (smart), we've got some inspiration for you, in the form of our top 10 most popular articles this year, so far, and, surprise surprise, they're all about food. 

10. The best late-night dessert restaurants in Sydney

Sometimes you just need something sweet, and you NEED IT NOW. Often, these cravings come late at night, which is why we compiled this round up of Sydney's top late-night dessert restaurants, for your eating pleasure.

9. 50 things to do in Sydney for $50 (or less)

We love Sydney. There's no better city in the world, in our opinion. Sometimes, though, our harbour city can be a bit taxing on the old hip pocket. Which is why you went a little crazy for our list of 50 things to do in Sydney, for less than $50

8. 10 Paleo Eats in Sydney

We're going to go out on a limb and say that if you haven't heard of Paleo by now, well… oh, who are kidding? Everyone's heard of Paleo. It's THE THING. Eat like a caveman, put butter in your coffee, ohmygoddon'teatlegumestheyarebadforyou! Yeah, you know it. I guess it's no wonder then that you loved our list of 10 paleo-friendly restaurants and cafes in Sydney, so much.

7. 7 Best Yum Cha Restaurants in Sydney

In our opinion, there is nothing that cures a hangover better than a Sunday morning yum cha session, where you can eat pork buns 'til your heart's content. You guys loved our picks of the 7 best yum cha restaurants in Sydney, so much that it might be time for round two. 

6. The Best Cake Shops in Sydney

Life is better with cake. It's as simple as that. The popularity of our article on the best cake shops in Sydney proved that you guys agree (and that's why we get along so well).

5. 9 Best New Cafes in Sydney in 2014

It's hard to narrow down the best cafes in Sydney, 'cause there are just so many great ones, but some newbies have popped up recently and reignited the Sydney café scene. Our list of the best 9 new cafes in Sydney for 2014 had you all jumping for joy.

4. 10 Best Breakfasts in Sydney's CBD

Bacon, eggs, pancakes, avo', French toast… COFFEE. There's nothing about breakfast that we don't like. Sometimes it can be hard to find great breakfasts in Sydney's CBD, though, which is why we did our (delicious) homework and brought you the 10 best breakfasts in Sydney's CBD. You gobbled it up just like a big brekky after a big Saturday night. 

3. 11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Ok, so you're vegan, but that doesn't mean you should be subjected to a lifetime of boring food, just because you can't have cheese. Our list of the best vegan restaurants in Sydney had vegan foodies rejoicing. 

2. 7 Best Burgers in Sydney

There's nothing better than a great burger, which is why you all freaked out (in a good way) when we wrote about our picks for the 7 best burgers in Sydney. Might be time to find the next 7…

1. 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten if You Live in Sydney

There is almost no introduction required for this beast—The 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Sydney. It was aspirational, contentious, and delicious, and we loved putting it together as much as you loved reading it. 

What a start to the year! Thanks to our awesome readers who continue to inspire, cheer, and challenge us. We couldn't do it without you, and are so excited to bring you even more exciting and delicious content in the second half of 2014, and beyond!

Bon appetite. 

Image credit: Delicious Stories

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