ICYMI, Free Bags Of Fries Are Being Given Out Today

By Jessica Best
13th Jul 2018


Free food Sydney. Yep, it’s happening.

FYI today is World Fries Day which means we’re celebrating everything we love about the salty, ergonomic and bloody delicious little buggers. And there’s nothing a bag of chippies can’t fix.

Thank the legends at Chargrill Charlie’s for this one because not only do they nail fried potato goodness (these chips are iconic people- ICONIC) but they’re also handing out small bags of fries like no one’s business #saywhat.

It may seem too good to be true but in honour of said celebratory chip day, these guys are just giving away chips from 12pm today until 4pm today. Which basically means your lunch is sorted or you can strategically line your stomach for the weekend shenanigans to come. The free fries thing is happening across allll Sydney stores so you’ll be able to snag a salty parcel pretty much wherever you are in the Big Smoke.

Oh hey, there's also a massive ball pit party happening.

Image credit: Supplied

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