The A-Z Guide to Breakfast in Sydney

By Ellie Schneider
25th Jun 2014

Sydney, we know how much you love your breakfast. On any given weekend, queues spill out café doors with patrons yearning to get their egg and espresso fix. And it seems nothing causes quite as heated a debate as which café does Sydney's best breakfast.

With everything from glorious smashed avo' to crispy sweet corn fritters, we've got your next morning meal covered. Here's our A-Z guide to help you track down some of the best breakfasts in Sydney.

A | Avocado smash at Lox Stock & Barrel

B | Beetroot-cured ocean trout and avocado smash at Brewtown Newtown

C | Crisp potato roesti with bacon at Runcible Spoon

D | Dirty Bird at Reuben Hills

E | Eggplant poached eggs at Fleetwood Macchiato  

F | Fried black pudding & green apple sauté at Panama House

G | Green Breaky Bowl at Porch and Parlour

H | House-made baked beans with feta at Ruby's Diner

I | Israeli Big Breakfast at Café Shenkin

J | Jam and cream scones at Flour and Stone (for the sweet-tooths!)

K | Kenafeh (kataifi pastry with ricotta and dates) at Shuk

L | Love Eggs with field mushrooms, avo', ricotta, and two poached eggs at The Hill Eatery

M | Manhattan bagel with in-house cured lox at Brooklyn Hide

N | Narnies at Three Williams . . . Try them all!

O | Open fillet steak sandwich at Chalkboard Café

P | Poached eggs with Greek yoghurt, garlic, chilli & lemon juice burnt butter at Anvil Coffee Co

Q | Quinoa porridge with dates, banana, and coconut milk at Bondi Wholefoods

R | Rainy Day Toast at Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen

S | Smoked Salmon Stack at Fouratefive (because we love alliteration and it tastes damn good!)

T | Toasted burnt fig, cinnamon, and almond muesli at Goblin Café

U | Ultimate Toasties is back at Devon Café!

V | Vegan French toast with banana, coconut & agave syrup at O Organic Produce Café

W | Waffles with peanut butter ice cream at Paramount Coffee Project

X | X-ceptional (yeah, yeah, we're clutching at straws here!) sweet corn fritters at Bills

Y | Young coconut-soaked bircher muesli at The Foundry

Z | Zucchini omelette with pinenuts and labne at Sefa Kitchen

Have we left off your pick for the best breakfast in Sydney? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: Nicola Sevitt

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