10 Food Trends Brisbane Went Nuts For in 2014

By Sophia McMeekin
19th Dec 2014

2014 was the year of the raw lunch. The year of the whiskey-and-apple-juice. The year we ate our body weight in sweet potato fries. Wasn’t it great?

We’re counting down the food trends Brisbane embraced with open mouths in 2014.

Berry Nice

Errbody loves a superfood, and the super-est of all the supers is Acai. Bowls of this wonder berry became Brisbane’s hottest brekky item this year, with acai vendors popping up all over. Our favourite digs for an acai bowl are Kiss The Berry, Press’d, Primal Pantry, and Coco Bliss. Check out our guide to Brisbane’s best berry bowls here.


In 2014 our drinking habits were changed forever by this golden brown liquor, which some of the best new Brisbane bars cleverly made all the more drinkable by the addition of fresh apple juice. Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, Buffalo Bar, The Gresham, and Greaser are our favourite Brisbane bars for a night of the whiskies. How many of Brisbane’s best whiskey bars have you done this year?

Raw & Cold-Pressed Everything

And for every rib-loving, brisket munching, fatty food fan, there’s a raw eater making them feel bad. 2014 was the year of the cold-pressed juice, the year we began our love affair with raw zucchini pasta, and the year the bliss ball epidemic reached breaking point. New faves like Raw Pawpaw, Press’d, and Liquefy, stole our hearts and saved our waistlines from certain destruction.

Shake It Off

Blame it on the weather, or our love of liquefied ice cream, but we just can’t shake our love of shakes. It seems we’re not alone, because you went berserk for our guide to the best milkshakes in Brisbane.

Yankee Eats

Hold onto your chaps, kids, because there is no stopping the love of American food in Brisbane town. This year we welcomed Buffalo Bar, Red Hook, Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar, The Dirty South, Hudson Corner, and Southern Attitude to the ranks, and we counted down Brisbane’s best chicken wings, Brisbane’s best ribs, Brisbane’s best donuts, and got our Yank’ on with our 4th of July American-chow special.

Bulletproof Coffee

We hate to break it to you, but if you haven’t tried your morning jump juice with a side of butter, you’re kind of stuck in 2013. If you’re yet to get on the bullet-proof wagon, here’s our introduction to Brisbane’s bulletproof coffee scene.

Franken Desserts

2014 was the year we told crème caramel to take a hike. Traditional desserts have taken a back seat to freakishly tasty dessert mash-ups. Howzat’s deep-fried Caramello Koala burger was a stand out.

Gastro Pub Grubbin’

It’s been a slow burn, but 2014 was the year our love of pub favourites reached boiling point. It seems we couldn’t get enough parmys, sweet potato fries, and chicken wings into us. For the very best pub dining in town, check out our guide to Brisbane’s best gastro pubs.

Best of the Burgs

Brisbane’s burger scene is booming, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re talking plastic cheese, American mustard, and pickles galore. 2014 saw Chur, Ben’s, Red Hook, Gerard’s Bar, Getta Burger and Howzat hit town, so we had plenty of contenders for our Brisbane’s best Burgers of 2014 list.


Not that we’ll ever stop loving our lino-floored locals for authentic Asian grub, but this year we saw the ‘cool’ Asian restaurant and bar really take the floor. New favourites include Spring Hill’s Happy Boy, the Valley’s Kwan Brothers, and new Thai bar and restaurant Longtime.


If you live in Brisbane, chances are you are nuts for coconuts. Flour, oil, milk, water, sugar; whatever the guise we want it in us. Shout out to coconutty faves the Coco Bliss Bounty Bowl, and the Coffee Frappe at Primal Pantry.

Image credits: Daniel Maddock

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