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7 Gin Hacks You Should Know Now That You’re A Certified Adult

By Ellen Seah
7th Feb 2018

Gin and tonic: the drink of bright, balmy days and pink-coloured nights.

If you’re a die-hard G&T lover, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been chatting to our mates at Bombay Sapphire (they know a thing or two about good gin), about all the ways to pimp up your fave drink.

Don’t worry—you’ll have everything you need in your fridge or cupboard (unless you still have emergency mac ‘n cheese in your pantry, then you’ll need to be a real adult and hit the grocery store). Collec yo' fresh fruit, veg and herbs and prepare to cocktail up a storm.

#1 Start With A Good Base

As every Jenga player knows—the key to a good game is an impeccable base. For a good G&T you need to start with a top quality gin, wine glasses, and plenty of ice (the bigger the better when it comes to ice because no one likes a watery G&T!) . Besides looking sophisticated, using a wine glass allows you to keep your drink colder with the stem, and also allows you to appreciate the aromatics of your G&T and garnishes. As for the gin, Bombay Sapphire sustainably sources and vapour infuses its botanicals (like steaming instead of boiling) which produces a fresher, more balanced gin ideal for G&Ts (ideal for cocktail-making).

#2 Orange & Peppercorn

A sweeter, spicier version of a gin and tonic, mixing orange zest and a few cracks of peppercorn works as an ideal pre-dinner drink. The recipe is here.

#3 Mint & Ginger

An ultra refreshing drink combining the spice of ginger and the sweetness of mint, check out the recipe here.

#4 Lemon & Thyme

A classic in the kitchen and at the bar, this herbaceous twist on a G&T deepens the flavours of this refreshing drink. Check out the recipe here.

#5 Lemongrass & Chilli

‘Nuff said. Just don’t touch your eyes after you’ve finished dicing.  

#6 Raspberry & Rose

Perfect for girls’ night, add a small handful of fresh raspberries and rose petals into a jug for a fragrant, floral summer drink.

#7 A Splash Of Sweet Vermouth Or Liqueur

If you’re after some extra sweetness and flavour, add a small splash (10-15ml) of your favourite liqueur or sweet vermouth or liqueur. We like Martini Rosso with blood orange for an Italian twist, or St Germain liqueur and a squeeze of lemon for a luxe Parisian twist.

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