10 Pasta Dishes Perfect for Autumn Carb-Loading

By Emilee Colasimone
13th Mar 2017

Best pasta Brisbane

While Brisbane’s autumn doesn’t come with falling leaves in rich tones or the chance to dig out your warm woolly scarves, it does bring with it perfect pasta-eating weather. And the best thing is, there is no more need for a beach body.

Be an opportunist and start the carb-load for winter ahead of time with this list of 10 pasta dishes that are definitely nothing like mum’s spaghetti.

#1. Calamarata Ai Fiori Di Zucca | Julius Pizzeria

Across from QAGOMA you’ll find Italian masterpiece, Julius. Vego or not, these tubes of pasta topped with a garlicy sauce of zucchini flowers, zucchini, baby spinach and sharp pecorino will totally paint your Sistine Chapel. Hands down some of the best pasta in Brisbane.

#2. Pork & Fennel Gnocchi | 1889 Enoteca

The word ‘gnocco’ in Italian is used as an insult meaning ‘stupid person’ (as in, your head is stuffed with potato, dumbass!). You’d be the stupid one if you didn’t try 1889 Enoteca’s incredible gnocchi dish with pork & fennel sausage, parmesan cream and black truffle tapenade.

#3. Pappardelle Gusto | Grappino

We can’t have a list of pasta dishes without a spag bol. This ain’t no Wednesday night special at Grappino; it’s an all-beef bolognaise sauce with brandy and cream atop fresh ribbons of pappardelle. Mamma mia!

#4. Duck Pappardelle | Coppa Spuntino

Just give us all the pappardelle! Coppa sticks to this gorgeous, traditional dish and totally delivers all the carb-y feels, this time with duck and peppered mascarpone—yes please.

#5. Bucci Agnglotti | Bucci

The mere mention of “parcels of pasta filled with braised wagyu beef cheek” should kick-start your saliva glands. Add a mushroom element and we won’t even try and hold you back. Bucci, keep doing you.

#6. Polpette Di Carne | Spaghetti House

Veal and pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce is Italian AF. Embrace it, drink some Chianti and stuff a napkin into your shirt at Spaghetti House—you’ll need it.

#7. Fresh Crab Spaghetti | Jamie’s Italian

Skip away for a long lunch at Jamie’s. With lemon, capers and chilli, this dish still has summery vibes to it so you won’t go back to your desk in a total food coma.

#8. Crespelle Lamb Cannelloni | Il Locale

Cannelloni can be fiddly to make, that’s why it’s the perfect menu choice when you’re dining out. Il Locale, tucked away in Rosalie, has a twist to their cannelloni that will have you screaming, ‘I love ewe’.

#9. Rigatoni all’ Amatriciana | Beccofino

We’d argue that nothing goes better with pasta than pancetta. It’s like bacon, but more bacon-y. Brisbane icon, Beccofino has our back on this one with their pancetta, tomato, chilli and pecorino rigatoni.

#10. Wild Mushroom & Truffle Sauce Gnocchi | Gnocchi Brothers

Some scholars argue gnocchi isn’t really pasta. But it’s basically potato pasta. Which means double carbs. Which is a big tick. Go for the mushroom and truffle sauce ay Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers and you will not be disappointed.

Need more carbs (who doesn't)? Check out our wrap of the best pasta in Brisbane.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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