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10 Totally Delish Leftovers Recipe Ideas

By Sophia McMeekin
26th Dec 2014

You know you’re mad about leftovers when you actually eat less on the day of the main event, just to be sure you’ll be coming back to a fridge full of cold cuts tomorrow.

While some may argue the only thing to be done with leftovers is eat them straight from the fridge with whichever sauce or condiment happens to be close at hand, there are those who prefer to get creative with their festive-season leftovers. 

We’ve put together 10 of our favourite leftovers recipes, from some of our favourite chefs, to keep your turkey/roast pork/ham working well past Christmas Day.

Leftover Stuffing

How there can possibly be any remnants of the glory that is stuffing leftover from a meal boggles the mind, but if you do find yourself in the rare position of having stuffing to spare, this brunch dish will use it up nicely. A sweet potato and stuffing hash, crowned with a fried egg, drizzled with maple, is just the ticket to kick off your boxing day.

Leftover Roast Pork

Maybe not the most creative use for cold meats, but the leftovers-sandwich is a classic for a reason. Mix your pork cuts up with a slaw for an on-trend pairing.

Leftover Turkey

Turkey is an easy meat to shred and use again, and its gentle flavour lends it to a myriad of delicious dishes. Case in point, this leftover turkey bahn mi by Jamie Oliver. 

Another classic leftovers recipe: this turkey sanga with maple mayonnaise is the best of the season, wedged between bread.

You have to give Nigel Slater’s Perky Turkey salad a run, if only because it has the best name ever.

Leftover recipes need to not look like second-class meals. The Hairy Biker’s goose risotto is a ‘fancy’ dish using rehashed bird meat. Win-win: This recipe can also be made with turkey.

And these turkey burritos by Nigella Lawson are crowd pleasers.

Leftover Potatoes

Those leftover roasties needn’t flounder in the back of the fridge—mashed potato croquettes are a decadent day-after dish to use up your spuds.

Leftover Cheese

We’re not even sure if a spare wheel of Camembert sitting in your fridge even counts as leftover, but, what the heck, we’ll take it. This baked Camembert with garlic bread is a total winner when you’re too over it to actually cook.

Leftover Ham

Ham lends itself effortlessly to sandwiches and snacking, but if you want to give it legs, this macaroni and cheese with ham recipe is the ticket.

Image credit: Bon Appetite 

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