2 Minutes With YCL Jewels

By Rachel Lay
25th Mar 2016

We first fell in lust with YCL Jewels when we spotted it popping up in our Instagram feed on the most stylish trend setters we follow. The delicate, dainty jewels caught our attention and our affection at first sight.

The lovely owner, designer, creative director and creator of YCL Jewels (plus, all round mega-babe), Fabienne, caused the entire office to let out a collective squeal when she agreed to chat with us and reveal the secrets behind this seriously beautiful line, that’s also so kind to the earth and the adorbs animals that we share it with.  

Fair warning, Fabienne may just be your next girl crush.

We have such a crush on your brand, it’s beautiful! What’s the meaning behind YCL?

Thank-you! YCL is a jewellery label for the modern and mystic woman. We use crystals within most of our designs, which can be customized by our women, to tailor your YCL treasure to your desires and emotions.

Our pieces are all currently handmade by me and we will be releasing our first ethical and fair-trade manufactured collection this May. Intention is at the forefront of every aspect of YCL, which is of the utmost importance to our team, our YCL Women and myself. From design, to production, to distribution, we try to keep our carbon footprint low with beautiful but minimal packaging. We are also a vegan brand, therefore no animals were harmed at the hands of our pieces or packaging.

Can we have a peek into your design process?

I have a very informal, somewhat intuitive design process. We don’t release specific Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer collections. As we have grown and expanded, I do need to have some sort of structure to ensure we are releasing new collections in a timely manner, so this involves me sitting down with my water colour paints to explore different colours for crystals, where I sketch and allow the creativity to flow through me. I enjoy sketching outside under my trees, or in a foreign land.

Your brand is full of such meaning and passion, where do you seek inspiration?

From nature and from exploration. I recently went to India to design our new collection (launching this May) and was inspired so much by the culture, the Hindu faith and the landscapes around me.

You’re based on the beautiful GC, where’s your fave spot on the Gold Coast to unwind?

Burleigh Hill, overlooking the waves, or Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park.

What’s your tip for the best spot on the Gold Coast for a vegan brunch?

You’ll find me a lot at Greenhouse Canteen and Bar.

Who are your muses when designing for YCL?

I love Lara Bingle’s minimal, androgynous style, and my mother, as she is the most stylish and loving woman I know.

You’re such a #GirlBoss, what are your tips for other business chicks starting out in the biz?

Choose from your heart, not your head, every time. Free yourself from fear, and remember, authenticity breeds abundance!

What jewellery do you never take off?

A plain rose gold band my man gifted me with years ago, my YCL Tablet Hoops (, my Luna Light sterling silver ‘Vegan’ ring (, and the new  rose quartz ring and white topaz earrings that will be released in May.

What are your tips for nailing the layered jewellery look? YCL nails it every time.

I suggest choosing pieces that sit at different levels on the neckline and chest and experimenting with different textures. I love layering a tight choker, with another choker that sits on the collarbone, with a necklace that flows longer down the chest. We actually offer jewellery sets at YCL, to make layering simple for our women.

The age-old question: mixing gold and silver with your jewellery – do or don’t?  

I think mixing metals can look really chic. I personally only wear gold and rose gold, with the exception of one sentimental silver ring I wear on my right hand.

For our readers wanting to start exploring crystals, what advice would you give them on how to pick the right crystal?

I like to say that the first crystal you were drawn to is usually the right one for you. Don’t overthink it. There have been so many times I’ve been drawn to a pieces of jewellery or a raw crystal; then I’ve taken it home and read about the properties that crystal harbors and realised it was placed right in front of me at the perfect time, for the perfect reasons. We also have a free resource on our website that goes into depth about each crystal we use within our designs (

Make sure you check out YCL's special International Women's Day collection, too!

Image credit: YCL Jewels

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