23 Breakfasts You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin
2nd Feb 2015

We're calling it: Brisbane's breakfast culture is one of the most vibrant and delicious in the world. Frankly, we rock at breakfast. But despite the smorgasbord of options available to you, if you’re looking for the best breakfast in Brisbane, there are some Brisbane cafes that have us coming back again and again for their epic start-of-the-day fare.

These are the breakfasts every Brisbane breakfast fan should have eaten by now.

  1. Kiss The Berry’s Blueberry Tango Bowl—a delicious blend of acai, blueberry, mango, and strawberries that tastes like summer.
  2. Mondo Organics’s crispy pork belly, poached eggs, pickles, and kraut on sourdough toast.
  3. Cawfee’s savoury breakfast bagel with avocado, bacon, and Swiss cheese.
  4. The Bagel Boys’ Bagel Bar: Rueben bagel.
  5. Au Cirque’s iconic Vego Chowdown.
  6. Shouk Café’s Latke Stack: potato pancakes with cream cheese, dill, pickled red onions, poached eggs, and smoked salmon.
  7. Kettle & Tin’s bacon waffles, with mustard and maple syrup, a fried egg, and bacon.
  8. Spring Hill Deli Café’s sloppy joe with two fried eggs.
  9. Gerard’s Bistro’s ‘bacon and eggs’: 63-degree duck eggs with smoked bacon mousse, and maple toasted buckwheat.
  10. Anouk Café’s Swiss flatheads and button mushrooms pan fried with garlic butter.
  11. Primal Pantry’s sticky pork breakfast burrito, with bbq sauce, a fried egg, and pickled cucumber.
  12. Pablo’s savoury mince, slow-cooked with chorizo, served with bacon, cherry tomatoes, herbed crème fraiche, and topped with a fried egg. Wash it down with one of their famous milkshakes.
  13. Plenty’s French toast special, stuffed with peaches and served with raspberry curd and mascarpone.
  14. Merriweather’s potato and caramelised onion hash, with sobrasada and poached eggs.
  15. Two Trees’ epic breakfast sandwich with streaky bacon, free range egg, rocket, and HP Sauce.
  16. Harveys’ spiced mince in a flour tortilla with a poachie, avo’ and sour cream—a classic Brisbane breakfast if there ever was one.
  17. Bitter Suite’s Big Daddy breakfast: a monster of a Brisbane breakfast with free-range eggs, honey bacon, pork and veal terrine, crumbed black pudding, wilted spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown, smoked chili relish, and toast.
  18. Scout Café’s smashed avo’ with kaiserfleisch or chorizo on the side.
  19. Billy Kart Kitchen’s crispy corn fitters with grilled avocado and tomatoes. 
  20. Willow & Spoon’s spicy pulled pork with smashed peas and fried egg on a brioche bun.
  21. The Gunshop Café’s Toulouse sausage, served with sweet potato and caramelised onion hash, poached egg, and tomato jam. 
  22. Ben’s Burgers’s bacon and egg burger with special sauce.
  23. Nana & Da’s avo’ on toast with roasted hazelnuts and zucchini.

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Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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