50 Things to Do in Brisbane Before Summer is Over

By Catherine Blake
15th Jan 2015

Just because your hols are over, doesn't mean the summer fun has to end. We're making the most of these last, precious, heady days of sweat mo's and sunscreen and brining you our definitive list of things to do in Brisbane before summer's really, truly over.

  1. Climb Mt Coot-Tha and watch the sunrise
  2. Bitch about sand in your swimmers
  3. Smash a family pack of Zooper Doopers
  4. Give that ‘clean eating’ fad a whirl with a lip-smackin’ summer salad 
  5. Submerge yourself in a bath of ice and really beat the heat
  6. Go hog-wild on a tray of mangoes
  7. Bliss out at Moonlight cinema in New Farm Park
  8. Flaunt your whimsical flash tattoos
  9. Hold a memorial service for all the plants in your garden
  10. Stare tearfully into the sky and bid a fond farewell to the sun
  11. Rekindle those carefree childhood summers with an unnecessarily combative water bomb fight with your fully grown siblings
  12. Complete your annual pilgrimage of beach day trips to Burleigh, Noosa and Straddie
  13. Journey out to Cedar Creek and frolic with the earthchildren
  14. Work your way through these suckers 
  15. Brush up on your desert survival knowledge with a ‘Man vs Wild: Sahara’ marathon, just in case you get caught in the midday sun
  16. Crochet yourself a new bikini and have it tie-dyed
  17. Get innovated and inebriated at GOMA’s Future Beauty Up Late
  18. Take a summer road trip to the coast and fry your breakfast on the bonnet of your car
  19. Clean out your temple with a 3-day Press’d juice cleanse #kale4eva
  20. Sit on the pier with takeaway fish and chips and watch them all get stolen by a seagull
  21. Poke your head in Kiss the Berry’s new Southbank store and try one of their mango and blueberry summer bowls
  22. Keep up your caffeine addiction with a refreshing cold press from Hops, Scotch & Beans
  23. Or simultaneously cool down and perk up with a latte pop from Dandelion & Driftwood
  24. Take down your Christmas lights
  25. Play fast and loose with the weather forecast and hop around to all of Brisbane’s best rooftop bars 
  26. Drink beer on a balcony
  27. Buy your ticket to Future Music and start bulking
  28. Get your money’s worth of that ‘All You Can Wax’ deal down at your local salon
  29. Dowse yourself in repellent and sleep beneath the stars
  30. Catch up on all the Game of Thrones you missed in time for the season five premiere
  31. Unplug the box and really plough through all your summer reading 
  32. Go kiteboarding
  33. Stick a message in a bottle and cast it into your neighbour’s pool
  34. Down a crate of XXXX and make a tombola out of all your empties
  35. Set up a lemonade stand on your footpath and see how much loose change people are willing to give you for the antidote
  36. Have ice-cream as a midnight snack
  37. Take up fire-twirling and make friends with all the nurses in the emergency ward
  38. Spend as much time as possible with your favourite pair of denim cut-offs before they are no longer socially acceptable
  39. Slather yourself in SPF 30 and work on your thong tan
  40. Buy a new sun hat so large that homeless people start living under the brim
  41. Walk into Coles barefoot
  42. Grab some snags and have an outdoor BBQ in a public park courtesy of Brisbane City Council
  43. Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean
  44. Deeply regret your abstract tan lines from that spanking new one-piece
  45. Run through your brand new sprinkler from Bunnings
  46. Drink a coconut
  47. Pack a basket with sandwiches and Pimms and go have a picnic on top of a mountain
  48. Save yourself a mint on mani-pedis by wriggling your toes in the sand
  49. Hollow out a watermelon and carve a face in it
  50. Take exactly one selfie with a selfie stick and then use it primarily to scratch your back and change channels when you can’t find the remote

Image credit: Shop Style

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