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6 Cult Hair Products Stylists Can’t Live Without

By Sophia McMeekin
5th Feb 2015

In our never-ending search for shiny, bouncy, I-woke-up-like-this hair we’ve tried what feels like every product under the sun. Our bathroom cabinets are bulging with sprays, mousses, and oils, split-end treatments and home-made concoctions (the olive oil was a mistake) but, still, the hunt for the wonder product continues. 

But before we hit the shops in another Argan-oil induced spending frenzy, we thought we’d ask the Brisbane hairdressing experts which products are really worth the hype. 

These are the cult hair products Brisbane’s best haidressers use to get hot hair.

The Product: KMS Moist Repair Revival Crème

Ellen Robbins, Head Stylist for Brisbane Haidresser, Luke Reynolds Hairdressing can’t live without KMS California Moist Repair Revival Crème for repairing damaged locks.

What’s So Great About It?

‘It’s my all-time, go-to, superhero product. I use it on every client—guys and girls, and have done for years.’

‘Revival Crème is the most hydrating product in the KMS range. The ingredients include aloe and vanilla so it’s rich and ultra soothing. It’s great for damaged, over-ironed, or coloured hair as it’s super caring for your locks.’

‘It absorbs instantly (yay!) so there’s no chance of it feeling sticky or heavy on the hair.’

‘Best of all, Revival Crème is formulated to keep working to nourish the hair for 24 hours, and can be used as a daily treatment’, she says. 

‘After shampooing and conditioning your hair, hop out of the shower and comb this bad boy through your hair before blow drying or heat styling. You can also run some through damp hair after you get out of the pool or ocean to keep it shiny and nourished.’


The Product: Shu Uemura's Full Shimmer Colour

Xin Guo, Salon Director for Brisbane hairdresseer, XIN Twenty One recommends Shu Uemura’s Full Shimmer Colour Range—including the shampoo, conditioner, and treatment—to maintain shine and optimal condition in coloured hair.

What’s So Great About It?

‘I love using this colour range to enhance any hair colour. This product adds vibrancy to your colour, imparting optimal shine and a luxe glaze finish from roots to ends. If you’re looking for gorgeously shiny hair, you can’t go past this product.’

‘Shu Uemura’s Full Shimmer is particularly good at helping to maintain an exceptionally rich, shiny blonde.’

‘You’re investing in your hair colour every month, so it’s important to make sure the tone and integrity of your colour is retained—don’t waste your visits to the salon by not caring for your colour properly at home!’

‘Shampoo every second day, or three times a week with Full Shimmer shampoo and conditioner, and use the treatment once a week to maintain shine.’

‘Shampoo and towel dry really well then apply the treatment. Apply the treatment from the mid length to the ends first, then, if necessary, apply a small amount on the roots (too much can make the roots oily). When applying the treatment you can skip the conditioner.’

[Editor's Note: just mention The Urban List when booking for the first time at XIN, and you’ll receive $50 off your cut and colour, and $20 off other hair services (i.e. styling).]  


The Product: Label M Texturising Volume Spray

Lyndsay Smith, Art Director for Toni & Guy recommends Label M Texturising Volume Spray for big, beautiful hair.

What’s So Great About It?

‘This spray makes any hair look amazing. It works just as well on freshly washed as it does dirty hair, and allows you to create any look with ease. It makes my mornings so easy!

‘For voluminous, bouncy locks worn out, simply spray onto dry hair and go. Or, for a full and luxurious up style, apply to your hair before creating your do’ to give the hair that much needed texture and bounce.’


The Product: Colour Defence

Sarah Clark, Salon Co-Coordinator at Ink For Hair can’t live without the Color Defence Color Maintenance System for healthy, glossy hair.

What’s So Great About It?

‘Faded jeans might be in right now, but faded hair is out!’

‘With our harsh weather, exposure to sun, surf and chlorine, constant washing, blow drying, and use of thermal tools maintaining your hair colour in between salon visits is no mean feat!’

‘The difference with this particular colour maintenance system is that it is personally mixed for each individual’s particular colour, so no two bottles are the same. If you’re looking to maintain the vibrancy, shine, and condition of your colour between visits this product is a must.’


The Product: Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray

Jules Tognini, head stylists at AKA togninis loves the Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray by Evo for creating perfectly messy beach hair.

What’s So Great About It?

‘This stuff will make you look like a salty sea captain or boho mermaid. Salty Dog is the MAN when it comes to getting rid of that fluffy clean hair after washing. It helps to create that sea-water beach texture, without the sandy swimmers.’

‘Straight out of the shower rinse as much moisture out of your hair as possible. Apply 10–15 pumps of Salty Dog and either blow dry in for more a polished look or air dry for a rustic sprayed feel. Top up every day to give those locks that nautical feel.’


The Product: KMS Free Shape Hot Flexx Spray

Karen Winter, Manager for Epic Hair Designs is mad about the KMS Free Shape Hot Flexx Spray for voluminous, smooth locks.

What’s So Great About It?

‘I love the whole KMS range but my absolute favourite is the KMS Free Shape Hot Flexx Spray. I honestly couldn't live without this product! It’s simple to use with a fine mist spray that evenly distributes it through the hair, perfect for a quick application.’

‘I love to use it with my straightener and to curl my hair because it gives me volume, control, and hold like nothing else. It also has the added benefit of heat and humidity protection.’

‘When using my straightener I simply spray it through my roots then a little on my ends prior to blow drying. When I’s creating curls I apply it to sections of dry hair roughly 10cms long, and then curl with my irons. The beauty of the Hot Flexx Spray is that I then can brush my hair through for a natural look and reform the curls by twirling them with my fingers.’

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