6 Things That Will Happen If Honey Badger Is The Bachelor

By Ange Law
14th Mar 2018

Prepare yourself for another total bogan-fest season of The Bachelor (in a good way, we think?) team. Apparently rugby star and all ‘round larrikin Honey Badger Nick Cummins has just been confirmed as the next bachelor. He’s a jokester, a the male version of Sophie Monk and he’s just one big LOL. 

And since we can’t really get our little brains around such a revelation this early on a Monday morning, here are a few thoughts and feelings being thrown around at TUL HQ this morning.

  1. First of all, we loved Sophie’s season (like, loved), and we’re already high on the thought this being true. 
  2. Men will ask “rugby legend and general good guy, that Honey Badger?”.
  3. Women will ask “is that the ocker guy from those undies ads?”.
  4. He’ll definitely rock up to the mansion with an “oh, this old thing?” look on his face wearing only his Tradie undies.
  5. If you live in Sydney, you’ll hear more than a couple of people say they have a friend that regularly goes over to his place for, ahem, cuddles. 
  6. He’ll toss at least one of his suiters over his shoulder and jump into the mansion pool with them. 

According to sources close to the production (oh, plus Women’s Day and The Daily Telegraph) it’s true, it’s happening and it’s going to be great. We'll just leave this here. 

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Image credit: Tradie Workwear

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