7 Easy Exercises to Squeeze Into Your Yuletide Sched’

By Desta Cullen
4th Dec 2014

Beating the bulge at Christmas time is usually put in the too hard basket, and reserved for New Year’s resolutions, when the festive season haze has disappeared. 

I mean, who’s got time for workouts in between gorging on rum balls, sipping champagne, and trying to stay cool in the Queensland heat? 

Well Urban Listers, we have some news for you: it’s possible to have your rum balls, and eat them too! (In moderation, of course!)

Life hacks abound for almost all of life’s pesky—but necessary—inconveniences, so it totally makes sense that exercise would get the treatment. Even watching a re-run of Elf, or carrying Christmas shopping to the car, presents an opportunity to stay fit. 

If you like the sound of that, and are as big fans of incidental exercise as we are, then read on for these seven easy and convenient workouts that you can fit in to your Christmas-hectic life.

[Ed. Note: The Healthier. Happier. website is full of exercise routines at a range of durations and intensities. Each one is a video with a downloadable PDF guide, complete with tips and tricks for completing the workout.

The Get Started Workout
Everybody has to start somewhere, right? No matter what your fitness level, it’s good to test the water on a new workout routine with a nice, gently paced set to get you in the right frame of mind. All it takes is 15 minutes of your day (or 30 if you repeat twice), and you’re ready to hit Christmas running. 

The Glow Workout
You know those annoying people that have that healthy glow every-damn-day-of-the-year? Well, hate to break it to you, but they probably have a work out routine that they do every-damn-day-of-the-year. Focusing on the upper body, and arms, you’ll have that healthy post-exercise glow in no time. 

The TV Ad Workout
It’s Christmas time, and Christmas time means TV scheduling goes bananas with some of our favourite silver-screen festive classics (think Bad Santa, Love Actually, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street etc. etc.). As soon as the ad break hits, start a circuit of this mini-workout, continuing at ad intervals until the movie, or show, is done!  

The Feel Good Workout
Aiming to make you feel energised and refreshed, this nifty five-minute routine includes light, low-impact exercises like walking squats, and weighted arm toners. A great one to do before hopping in the shower for work, or doing the shopping dash!

The Move With a Friend Workout
Have a friend coming over for pre-Christmas catch up with wine and cheese? Make it a calorie-neutral do and convince them to do a quick, moderate intensity work out to assuage the guilt of the fromage feast. 

The Step It Up Workout 
Steps. Urgh. But they are damn good for you glutes and toning your thighs, so step to it! This comprehensive workout will have you squatting and jumping one minute, and doing push ups the next, so make sure you have a bit of room.   

The Get Moving Workout
It’s amazing how much a short burst of exercise can get the heart rate up, and kickstart the desire to move even more. This routine focuses on cardio with exercises like running on the spot, jump squats, and step-ups.  

Tips & Tricks

Finding ways to get physical activity into your daily life doesn’t need to be hard. Follow these handy hints to help you on your way! 

• Take the stairs rather than the lift.
• Walk around while you’re talking on the phone.
• Take public transport or walk or cycle to work instead of taking the car.
• Take advantage of tasks—like gardening or housework—that involve physical activity.
• Sign up for group hobbies like dancing classes.
• Improvise weights by using everyday items like canned goods, or bottled water to up the challenge level.
• Choose an activity that you can commit to, and find a buddy that will help motivate you.
• Most of all though, set achievable goals and stay positive. If you have slip ups, don’t beat yourself up—we’re all human!

Want more tips on staying fit and healthy? Visit the Healthier. Happier. website for recipes, exercise and nutrition advice! 

Image Credit: Popsugar

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