8 Valley Hot Spots Worth Your $$

By Susannah George
1st Nov 2014

The Urban List exists to support small business. Hopefully this isn't a surprise to you! If it is, we're sorry. We obviously haven't been sharing that incredibly important raison d'etre particularly well.

We also exist to share fun facts – the really important stuff like where to find the city's best fat feeds, or where to get your hair did – but also things with a lot more gravitas, like this…

Did you know that if every Australian spent $100 a year more on local businesses, instead of chain stores, it would put an extra $3 billion into our economy? $3 billion. That's a whole lot of jobs, education, healthcare and general improvements to our way of life. 

November is Shop Small month, and we've joined forces with American Express to shout our support of Brisbane's local retailers and restaurants from the rooftops. 

I was charged with listing 8 of my hot spots in the Valley. Obviously impossible to limit it to just 8, so if your favourites aren't in the line up, forgive me. I did my best to cover as many sectors as possible – all local industry needs our support – and we promise to do a second installment soon. 

I know I'm guilty of buying from big box retailers, and of buying online. But I'm going to think more than twice next time. Actions have impact and in this case, I want them to be for the greater good. I like my local neighbourhood to be vibrant, diverse and INDEPENDENT and unless I commit to making that happen myself, I really have no one else to blame.

There are squillions of local operators that are truly of international standing – our site is littered with them and new brilliance seems to pop up every day. They're not just "good for Brisbane". They'd hold their own anywhere in the world and have customers banging down their doors. Yet for one reason or another, we choose to simply order from a take out chain, or click to buy online…

So get amongst it. Go local. We're giving you a white card, blank cheque, open slather order to buy up big without the guilt. Every dollar you spend locally is being poured back into supporting the growth of the Bris economy. Retail therapy never felt so good.

This content has been created as part of my involvement in the American Express Shop Small program. If you're interested in hit lists of top shopping and dining restaurants in other suburbs and cities around Australia, check out the Shop Small website. I've found some gems myself.

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