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We Check Out Bar and Brewery The All Inn Brewing Co.

By Mark Henderson
23rd Jan 2015

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s CBD, and keen to uncover something pretty fantastic that exists outside of the hotspots of the Valley or South Bank, you’ll be pleased to discover the Brisbane bar and brewery, All Inn Brewing Co, located in North Brisbane suburb, Banyo.

Operating since July 1, 2013, the All Inn Brewing Co is a craft brewery that doubles as a bar, opening to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

With 11 beers brewed in house including a couple of seasonal ales, there is sure to be a flavour that suits everybody’s palate.

Popping in to meet the brewer, Harley Goodacre who spent five years perfecting his craft at Stewart’s Brewery in Edinburgh, Scotland before returning home to the Sunshine Coast where he worked as Head Brewer until he moved back to Brisbane to open the All Inn.

Heading out to Banyo to check out the All Inn, I immediately felt at home. A single Pinball machine graced the corner, with board games on display and even a friendly little dog who welcomed me.

At the entrance of the All Inn, the brewing house’s name is spelled out in massive print right across the front, with a black pergola draped, offering shade to the clientele and several planter boxes that provide some greenery, adding to the life of the bar.

A converted warehouse, Harley and his team have worked hard to ensure the All Inn keeps things original, with three brewing tanks he built himself, a cool-room, and the bar with 11 beers on tap, all his own craft.

As I had to drive, Harley topped me up with a glass of Lucy, his lightest beer at 3.5% ABV, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

In a State known for its favourite light beer, XXXX Gold, it’s gotta be hard to be any sort of competitor, but Harley assured me Lucy has even converted some of the toughest XXXX drinkers.

If you’re wondering about the name, Harley called it the All INn because he went “All In,” putting everything he had into it. 

Offering a brand new experience and a unique range of beers brewed right in the bar, the All Inn Brewing Co is a spot you must visit if you have any taste for beer at all.

Image credit: Tash Sorensen

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