Bored With Your Workout? Try These Out-Of-The-Box Yoga Classes!

By Sophia McMeekin
23rd Feb 2015

Once the domain of bored soccer mums and hippies with easily dislocated appendages, yoga has become a multi-faceted, multi-fitness discipline suitable for every bendy-ness level—it’s not all ‘ommms’ and navel gazing anymore—and  these days Brisbane’s best yoga classes cater to all tastes and temperaments.

We want to shake up your perceptions of what a yoga class should be, so we’ve pinned down five of the best Brisbane yoga classes doing something different on the mat. Turns out you can teach a downward dog new tricks. (Yeah we did…)

Function Well


Yoga For Lifting is a new yoga trend taking Brisbane’s best gyms by storm, so when we heard iconic Newstead gym, Function Well, was on board, we knew this was a yoga class we had to check out. Promising to improve your range of movement, both at home and when ‘lifting’ (AKA getting sweaty on the gym floor); core stability; and prevent injuries—all issues any gym bunny knows all too well—their yoga for lifting class is a no brainer if you want to make the most of your sweat sesh. Function Well is also home to hatha yoga and vinyasa flow yoga too, so no matter your stretchy style, they’ve got you covered.

Psst: Want to check this gym out before you commit? Function Well has a free open day on this Saturday the 28th to celebrate the launch of their new Athletic Zone—Brisbane’s first Crossfit Box, open 24/7. Coffee, clean smoothies and breakfast will be on offer from the Function Well car park, so get down there and check it out!

No More Knots

Greenslopes & Taringa

The remedial massage specialists at No More Knots have a new Brisbane yoga class on offer, which is one of our picks for any yoga newbies out there. We love that this massage mecca has brought the same healing touch to their yoga offering—their classes have a focus on mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation that’s a welcome reprieve from regular workouts. This class isn’t about your bikini bod’ (thought it will help with that too).

Flight Skool

West End

If you’re stuck in a fitness rut, or, worse, you have an injury that’s got you contemplating a season on the couch, aerial yoga could be the workout to send your body into a real spin. Like literally, you’ll be upside down. Due to the weightless nature of this workout, aerial yoga is said to relieve pressure on joints and the integration of movements from dance, Pilates and calisthenics keeps things interesting. Flight Skool in West End is the home of Antigravity Yoga in Australia, and the place to go for a thorough aerial yoga workout.

Stretch Yoga

Brisbane CBD

Stretchy is as Stretch Yoga does and, boy, do they do yoga well. If you haven't been to their hidden sanctuary-like studio in the heart of the CBD, then we suggest you get your lululemons in order, and hop to it. With a mahoosive range of classes throughout the week, including their very convenient lunch time classes, it can be hard to choose which class to grace with your presence. Our pick of the bunch is Stretch Foundations, an all-levels, Hatha style practice designed to make sure you are working from the best base possible for all your yoga sessions. Stretch is definitely one of our faves studios with a really accessible, no-nonsense approach to yoga, so check them out.

Anchor Training 

Kelvin Grove

Anchor Training’s Yin class goes with this Brisbane gym’s yang of fun, obstacle course-focused strength training like, well, yin and yang. A much more passive style of yoga, Yin is a long-held, slow practice with a focus on elongating muscles by placing gentle but controlled stress on connective tissue, and stretching the fascia. If that all sounds much to scientific, just trust us when we say, you’ll feel like a new person after a class. Yin is on twice a week at Anchor Training’s Kelvin Grove gym, and if you join with the Anchor Newbie Pass (just $29), you’ll have access to all the classes—including yoga!

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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