Brisbane, We Finally Have An Alcohol Home Delivery Service

By Catherine Blake
30th Oct 2018


Let us premise this news with a couple of hypothetical scenarios:

  1. Guests are imminent and you’ve forgotten to pick up a bottle. As if you weren’t already strung out, now you’ve got to find a red that will pair seamlessly with coq au vin, finish the final fourteen steps of the recipe, make dessert, set the table, and remember to put the cat out because Maurice is allergic.
  2. You’ve just arrived at the restaurant only to discover it’s BYO. You came straight from work and got caught in Friday arvo traffic so you’re already flustered and late for the booking. Your date has just arrived and you know the maître d’ will give away your table faster than you can get to the nearest bottle-o and back.

Jimmy Brings doesn’t f**k with this kind of stomach-churning panic. His expansion into Melbourne earlier this year saw bulk Melburnians hit ‘unsubscribe’ on panicked liquor runs, and the orgasmic wave of relief has now rippled up to Brisbane.

Rolling out into 29 Brisbane suburbs, Jimmy Brings is an alcohol delivery service that will courier wine, beer, spirits, or a combination of the above, direct to your location in less than 30 minutes. This means Jimmy Brings will be scooting hooch all over town in time for Christmas party season, so it’s well worth signing up now to avoid a desperate scramble when unexpected extras come over for drinks. They even deliver bags of party ice and Panadol for the next morning because god knows we’re always running out of that.   

To celebrate their foray into the sunshine state, JB is offering new customers a scorching hot $10 discount when they use the code BRIS10 at checkout. And if that wasn’t enough, delivery is absolutely free for a limited time when you spend $10 or more. Crunch the numbers on that and you can get yourself $20 worth of quality grog

Download the app, tap in your order (don’t forget the discount code) and then get on with crisping the spuds. It’s honestly that easy. In fact, the only difficult part is trying to pick from JB’s expansive library of tipples.

For more info, including wine list and suburbs that made the cut, click here.


Image credit: Olena Sergienko via Unsplash

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