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Are You Brave Enough To Hit Up Brisbane’s Chilli Festival?

By Catherine Blake
26th Feb 2018

Pfft, of course you are.

If you’re a major hothead with nothing but disdain for alkalinity, the Hot Sauce and Chilli Festival is for you. Taking over the weekend of March 10 and 11, this fest is exactly what it says on the bottle: two days of hair-raising, brow-gleaming, waiver-signing fury.

The event is being held inside the minty fresh Welcome to Bowen Hills food truck precinct, attracting Brisbane’s most flaming chariots to fire up the hobs and bring the spice of their hottest dishes. From Brat Haus, expect Brisbane’s hottest sausage, from Madame Makan, an extra hot satay, and King of the Wings will be frying up their super spicy wings. Mr Burger is even going to be making a heckin’ spicy burger special especially for the festival and any burg-fancying masochists out there. This’ll also be a prime opportunity to kit out your pantry with all eight hot sauces from 13 Angry Scorpions, ranging from the Chipotle BBQ made from mild and approachable smoked red jalapenos, to the 'stupidly hot' Fear the Reaper made from, you guessed it, Carolina Reapers. 

On drinks, the bar has developed a ‘Hot Pocket’ shot, being touted as the spiciest drink in Brisbane. How spicy? Sign the waiver and find out.

The details

What: Hot Sauce and Chilli Fest
When: 12pm-10pm, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March
Where: Welcome to Bowen Hills precinct

Check out the events page for more info. 

Image credit: The Simpsons

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