Brisbane’s Best Bacon Everything!

By Zoe Kirby
6th Dec 2016

best bacon everything Brisbane best restaurants brisbane

The smell of crispy, sizzling bacon is the one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning (coffee too, but that’s a given). A crispy rasher is a thing of unadulterated beauty; add it to any meal and you’ve done yourself a real favour. Bacon with your eggs? Naturally. Bacon in your burger? Now you’re talking!

Fellow bacon lovers, we’re here to help you out; here are our picks of the best bacon everything in Brisbane.

Resolution Breaker Burger | Red Hook

Break your New Year’s resolutions early with Red Hook's ‘Resolution Breaker’: double beef patty, tomato, cheese, ketchup, special sauce and a double whammy of… you guessed it, bacon! Order their delicious bacon and cheese loaded fries—with extra bacon ketchup, of course—on the side.

Cheesy Burger With Candied Bacon | Ben’s Burgers

We thought it was impossible to make Ben’s glorious ‘Cheesy’ burger any better, but bacon always elevates a good dish to greatness—especially the candied kind! Add a couple of these salty-sweet rashers to your order and you won’t be sorry.

Doughnutfukwitdis | Ze Pickle

Sweet-toothed feasters will fall hard for Nutella-smoked bacon. Ahh, Ze Pickle, you’ve done it again. Bringing you get another insane burger/bacon combo, the Doughnutfukwitdis burger is a wagyu beef patty layered with Nutella-smoked bacon and double jack cheese stuffed between a grilled Doughnut Time original glazed doughnut. WOW.

Makin Bacon Pancakes | B’Coz Bacon

A food truck dedicated to the humble rasher is our idea of a dream come true. Head to Eagle Farm Monday-Friday to get your bacon fix. We’re die-hard fans of B’Coz Bacon’s Makin Bacon Pancakes; fluffy, sweet pancakes with a side of double smoked bacon rashers.

BLT | Statler & Waldorf

Not just any old BLT—this is Statler & Waldorf, you won't find basic bitch sangas here—this particular bacon masterpiece is stuffed with crispy bacon, cos lettuce and the humble British crisp (or chips to us Aussies).

Maple Bacon Mac 'N Cheese | Bella BBQ

Bella BBQ food truck that  is ls the bacon dishes right on the head! Sink your teeth into a waffle burger that includes caramelised fired bacon or, devour their house maple bacon infused mac n cheese… oh yes please!

Maple Bacon Bourbon Smash | Delfina’s

In the mood for a bacon beverage? No problem! Delfina’s signature cocktail, the Maple Bacon Bourbon Smash, is—as its tag line states—life changing. Maker’s Mark Bourbon, pure Canadian maple syrup, smashed orange, Angostura bitters, stirred with ice and served with a strip of crispy bacon. Yum!

Poutine | Noho Bar And Grill

Grab a frosty craft beer at Noho Bar And Grill with a side of poutine fries. Topped with crispy bacon, melted cheese and a thick slathering of gravy, this is the ultimate soul food.

Salted Caramel Bacon Shake | 5 Boroughs

A boozy milkshake at 5 Boroughs sounds good enough already, but add bacon on top and you’ve got yourself a real winner! Sip on a delicious bacon-topped salted caramel milkshake with a shot of Maker’s Mark bourbon for a deliciously sweet buzz. Don’t go bacon my heart!

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Image credit: Ze Pickle by Ariana Gillrie

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