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Brisbane’s Best Bloody Marys

By Sophia McMeekin
1st Dec 2014

Mary, you old dog. Saviour of the hung over, nectar of the tomato-y gods, the Bloody Mary is the perfect cocktail for day-drinking (it's basically cold soup, after all), and to get you back on the horse the night after the night before (we believe its restorative properties have something to do with the high Vitamin C content. We may have just made that up). Some like it spicy, some adorned with fresh veg, but whatever your Bloody Mary style, there's one in Brisbane to tickle your fancy.

These are the best Bloody Marys in Brisbane.

The End | West End

Order the BM at The End and yours will likely come adorned with a pickled onion and olive speared toothpick. This West End bar knows the cure to what ails you, and is home to some of the best Bloody Marys in Brisbane.

Kettle & Tin | Paddington

Paddington café and bar, Kettle & Tin do seven iterations of the Bloody Mary, each more knock-your-socks-off than the next. Our picks are the Holy Hellfire, and the Queen Mary of Scotch. Bottoms up.

Chow House | New Farm

A juice version of the classic cocktail, Chow House's Virgin Mary is the good-kids take, and served with celery, Tobasco, and Worcestershire Sauce, like it should be. This drink and brunch are best friends.

The Gresham | CBD

CBD bar The Gresham does drinks very well, so it's no surprise we're bananas about their Bloody Marys. Have one of the bar keeps shake one up for you (their mix includes rogue ingredients carrot juice, and a hint of truffle oil) and relax in the knowledge that you're getting a vitamin hit, and getting hammered.

Lock'n'load | West End

West End favourite, Lock'n'load mix up a cracking Bloody Mary, known as the Bloody Mary Cutless. Made with Cutless gin, 'loaded' Mary mix, capsicum, cherry toms, and served with a slice of cucumber, you'll be healthier after drinking this cocktail. 

Brew | CBD

Laneway haunt, Brew do a wicked Bloody Mary, with Kettle One Vodka, Brew's own Mary mix, and Tobasco to taste (thoughtful!). Get one into you, asap.

Sling Lounge | West End

Sling have a whole darn Bloody Mary menu to choose from, including the classic, made with Tobasco, celery, Worcestershire et al.; the Japanese influenced Last Mary Samuri, made on sake, sochu, and Wasabi; and the Bollywood Mary, with vodka, yoghurt, and roasted cumin, among other Indian delights. If you're looking for an out of the box Bloody Mary experience in Brisbane, Sling's your go.

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