Brisbane’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

By AJ James
21st Feb 2015

There are two simple dishes in life that, provided they’re made of wonderful product, are unsurpassed in their excellence. These are sandwiches and ice cream.

How can you resist a good sandwich? The idea of clamping down and through two pieces of a hearty something that together are squishing another delicious something is true food layering porn.

The better the product positioned inside, the better the sandwich. It’s directly proportionate you see (graph below), and so, adding that other great simplicity, ice cream, into the sandwich, you’ve got the best dang sandwich possible.

Here are our picks for the best ice cream sandwiches in Brisbane.

Nantucket Kitchen & Bar


A sable, in case you didn’t know, is a shortbread style biscuit that is excellent for sandwiching with ice cream as well as being smeared with jam (it’s like the butter to your bread). You can get it at Nantucket.



This is the ‘toasty’ of the list. And inside Beccofino's Calzoncino (folded pizza base) you’ll find Nutella and banana, and vanilla bean ice cream that’s ready for devouring.


Brisbane CBD & Newstead

I can’t hear ‘howzat’ and not think of cricketers yelling and rousing you from your summer holiday couch nap, but now there’s a new affiliation, Howzat Burger. And the ice cream sandwiches these guys do are it. Either strawberry shortcake (so lady like) or Belgium dark chocolate. Just one more?

e’cco Bistro

Brisbane CBD

We’ve shouted the praises of this ice cream sandy before, on our Brisbane’s best salted caramel list, no less, but we thought it worth telling you twice. A hazelnut sandwich with caramel and raspberry, bravo e’cco.


South Bank

Yes, technically it is a burger, but we’re running with it. And you’ll be glad we did, because it is one fun eating experience. Just choose from one of Nitrogenie's wacky flavours and soon it will be transformed into a nitroburger—pecan ice cream pie burger anyone?

Chocolate Komberry Co.


An open faced sanga lives at Komberry Co. The ‘bread’ is their donut/croissant hybrid (naughty), and it’s layered up with ice cream. The flavours depend on the night you visit their truck, but whatever they’re dishing out, you’ll be glad you stopped by.

Kwan Brothers

Fortitude Valley

Think of it as an Asian style sweet sandwich. The kitchen team at Kwan deep fry a bao bun that’s topped with toasted sesame, and then dress it up with pandan, palm sugar and ginger icecream. Heaven help us all.

Pat and Sticks 


This is the ice cream sandwich that you get to go. We love these little babies—the salted caramel ice cream wedged between pecan cookies is perfection. Kudos to Sourced for bringing Pat and Sticks to town years ago, and starting a movement. Keep an out of for these babies at small-scale food stores who know what's good. 

Want more of the best dessert in Brisbane? Search ‘dessert’ in our Directory!

Image credit: Kwan Brothers

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