Brisbane’s Best Salted Caramel Everything

By AJ James
4th Feb 2015

As one of my early morning prowling (walking) partners aptly put it, ‘salted caramel is so hot right now’. And never were wiser words spoken. 

It should be noted she has this kick arse Canadian accent which really only drummed in a) the coolness and b) strength of her statement.

But, accents aside. Salted caramel. Lord give us all strength and the willpower to stop.

This is just an eatelation (a revelation when you eat). It’s salty (no surprises) and sweet (another non surprise), but when the two tastes combine with a bit of fat for good measure there’s some serious food alchemy going on. The salty cuts the sweet, and the sweet cuts the salty, so the notion of ‘having enough’ of one is kicked the curb. Salt + caramel = addiction. Making it not too dissimilar to crack.

Here are the best Brisbane restaurants to feed your salted caramel addiction.

e’cco Bistro

Brisbane CBD

Your standard sandwich is a beautiful thing, but it’s downright gorgeous when it’s a hazelnut ice cream one. And when it comes with raspberry and asalted caramel. It’s caramel that’s been assaulted, with salt. Geddit? Good one, e'cco.

Gelateria Cremona


I live around the corner from this gem. And it’s a dangerous proximity. Particularly given the allure of Cremona's salted caramel gelato. It beckons time and time again. A calling that only increases when the temperature does. If you’re willing to give your beloved partner a lick of yours, then it really is love. 


New Farm

This might be stretching it, but when you order Harveys' ricotta hotcakes with caramel banana you MUST opt for the side of salt bacon. No words. A true treat.

Chocolate Komberry Co.


This one really is a mouthful. Literally. This food truck (Eat Street Market is where you need to go), make a rock salt caramel ‘suncrode’. It’s the love child of a sundae, croissant and donut. No words.

La Macelleria


La Macelleria’s salted caramel gelato is our Brisbane editor, Sophia’s pick. And you don’t mess with her picks. They’re always gems. And ones you’ll choose time and time again. Get your scoop in a double serve along with the Bo & Bo. Heaven.

Shady Palms

Stones Corner

We’ve preached about the magic found in Shady Palms salted caramel milkshake before, and with good reason. This is a drink you’d cross Brisbane on foot for. So too the house made caramel and sea salt ice cream. The spicy crumb and praline takes it from A to A +.


Brisbane CBD

Valrohna chocolate is great, especially when Aria does it. But it only goes from strength to, well, Hercules-like when there’s bananas, chocolate sorbet, AND peanuts that have been a) salted, and b) caramelized involved.

Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar

South Bank

And for the first ‘savoury’ orientated dish on our list we have Tomahawk Kitchen & Bar’s popcorn chicken. It’s topped with salted caramel sauce and offset by the wedges of lemon. Finger licking good.

Mighty Mighty

Fortitude Valley

Rejoice. You need not wait until Thanksgiving to feast on pumpkin pie because it’s on Mighty Mighty's menu. And the caramel is salted maple, and there’s pumpkin ice cream. We're giving thanks right now.

Jocelyn’s Provisions

New Farm

You’re going to need some friends to partake in this one, because devouring one of Jocelyn's large chocolate cakes on your lonesome is never a nutritionally backed idea. And even more so when that cake is sliced into layers and sandwiched with salted caramel butter cream. Get on the phone, now.

Image credit: Yes To Yolks

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