Brisbane’s Got It’s Own Version Of A Big Mac—Try To Keep It Together

By Catherine Blake
1st Feb 2018


Everybody sit down for this crucial update in burger-related news, because local demiburges at Ben’s Burgers have gifted us with their own iteration of the most famous burger ever created; the Big Mac. No, we are not worthy.

When the first ever Big Mac hit the counter in 1967, the Greater Pittsburgh area was shooketh like a groove thing. The game had completely changed; where once burgers went bun-patty-bun, the Big Mac renovation added in a second layer and the revised pattern of bun-patty-bun-patty-bun (fun fact: this is where the term ‘next level’ originated from…probably). It was a melding of burger and club sandwich and no one was ready for it. Seven years later, a new dinnertime anthem was born and the Big Mac slipped into global culture as a permanent fixture. 

And now, Brisbane's famed burger joint, Ben’s Burgers have gone paid homage to this iconic feast. Their latest menu addition goes by the name, ‘Big Ben’—but don’t expect some squishy, production line rubbish. Hell nah. Ben’s have turned their handmade excellence to the format of a triple-breaded, double-pattied glory bobble, and damn is it a sight to behold.

It’s big, it’s macky, it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of because now we can bliss out on the glory of a Big Mac without buying into the multinational Man. Take that, Ray Kroc.

Get down to Ben’s ASAP and load up on this special guy before a new special comes along. You gotta taste it to believe it, know what I mean?

Image credit: Ben's Burgers

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