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Brisbane’s New Rum & Jerk Shack Puts The ‘Jahh’ in Jamaica

By Sophia McMeekin
11th Nov 2014

New Brisbane bar, Jahh Tiger is taking back the word 'jerk'. No longer will the term be exclusively reserved for people who pinch your sweet parking spot or thrust a trolley-load of groceries through the express check-out lane. Instead, put 'jerk' before chicken and you've got yourself a lip-tingling, mouth-wateringly good time. 

A little Jamaican zing has arrived at Park Road, Milton. Lovers of rasta and reggae died a little inside the day Jamroc closed its doors in the Valley, but new Brisbane bar Jahh Tiger is ready to fill the void with some seriously finger-lickin' chicken and a rum-packed punch. 

With a fresh, fruity tipple in hand, the smooth sounds of ska music bouncing off the walls and a balmy breeze at your back, you might be bamboozled by illusions of tropical island utopia. In reality, the rum and jerk shack is located just a coconut's throw from The Scratch, ready to put the 'jahh' in Jamaica and bring the riddim to Brisbane. Can you feel it, mon?

Bar owner Lucy Forsyth brought back the ultimate souvenir from her Caribbean jaunt: the secret recipe for the delicious dry-rub we call 'jerk'. A chance encounter in Boston Bay—the birthplace of jerk chicken—acquainted Lucy with Miss Ivy, queen of the magical marinade. It was a helluva haggle, as the story goes, but Lucy arrived back in Brisbane triumphant with the original recipe in hand. 

Jahh Tiger Milton New Bars Brisbane

The concoction of herbs, spices, rum and honey is massaged into the meats of the Jahh Tiger kitchen on a regular basis, before searing them on the grill. Stick with the classics and dig into some jerk chicken (quarter, half, or whole) with a side of slaw or rice and beans, or get your hands dirty with a feed of chicken wings, dolloped with chipotle mayo. 

The pulled pork sandwich with mango chutney and Boston Bay burger already rank on the spice scale, but you can fire them up with extra sauce if you're ready to handle the heat. Like a lime and a coconut, the eats and drinks are a match made in Caribbean paradise. 

Lucy also brings some serious expertise to slinging drinks at Jahh Tiger, having polished her skills at a handful of Brisbane bars including the Emporium Hotel. Jahh's bar is graced with enough fresh fruit to warrant a still-life painting. Down a summery calypso lager or a coconut rum punch and you'll practically feel the beat of steel drums coursing through you. 

Jahh Tiger Milton New Bars Brisbane

You won't struggle for choice when it comes to thirst quenching, with 15 cocktails and punches (predominantly rum-based), specially brewed beer and stout on offer. 

On tap you'll find the rum and ting cocktail—muddled with lime and house-made grapefruit soda—and the ever-changing tiger brew. Rumour has it, the signature cocktail of the dearly departed Lark (The Strummer) is soon to grace Jahh Tiger with its passionfruity, gingery, vodka-based presence.  

If Bob Marley is your spirit guide, you don't like reggae (you love it-ahh), or you're in need of a new pre-game hangout in close proximity to Suncorp Stadium, Jahh Tiger will show you a roaring good time. New Brisbane bar Jahh Tiger Rum and Jerk Shack is open for lunch Tuesday through Friday, and dinner Wednesday to Saturday. 

Jahh Tiger Milton New Bars Brisbane

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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