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These Legends Made A Carbonara Pizza And We Need It RN

By Dominique Shields
8th Feb 2018


Can we all just agree that internal food ordering battles are the absolute worst? You know the ones; the dreaded consideration between pizza OR pasta when you know that you really want both but you realistically only have room for one. It's one of life's true cruelties.

But, hold the dang phone because Salt Meats Cheese are here to save you from yourself with the introduction of their **drumroll please**... Carbonara Pizza. 

If you’re shooketh don’t worry because so are we. How can our favourite pasta dish be transformed into a pizza? Is this possible? Why has this not been a thing until now? Well, friends, it is possible and it is delicious and you will not be looking back. It’s everything you image a traditional carbonara to be, just on a pizza base—because you can’t go wrong with pizza, you just can’t. (Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the bacon teepee atop this carby masterpiece?)

As if this couldn’t get any sweeter it just so happens that the carbonara pizzas are available this Friday, February 9 for one day only, which just so happens to be World Pizza Day. Coincidence? God no, this is a perfectly crafted match made in heaven and there has never been a more opportune time to OD on doughy goodness.

The Details

What: $20 Carbonara Pizza
Where: Salt Meats Cheese, Newstead
When: Friday February 9, until close

Image credit: Provided, Salt Meats Cheese

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