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Desk-spiration | Our Pick Of Desk Essentials

By Ellie Schneider
29th Jan 2015

Sick of staring at a blank wall? We’ve sourced high and low for some awesome desk accessories to make going to work that much more fun!

1. If lost pens are getting you down, give your desk a dose of NY cool with this elegant Kate Spade pencil cup. You’ll never go penless again!

2. Say goodbye to your boring Post-its, this cute printed notepad features 30 unique designs perfect for scribbling or crafternoons. 

3. We love tea. And we love pretty teacups to drink it from.

4. For the design-savvy worker, this concrete desk set oozes sophistication and minimalist charm. 

5. Stay on top of meetings and commitments with this vintage blackboard. It’s like a diary only way cooler!

6. In case you thought it was 3pm but it was only midday, this stylish Weston clock is sure to keep you on track.

7. Has all that typing got your hands sore? We’ve got you covered with the Botani olive hand cream that’ll keep your fingers in tip-top shape.

8. There’s nothing worse than smelly workmates! Keep the office smelling fresh with the lovely Skandinavisk O Island scented candle.

9. Dreaming of an Italian vacay? Keep on dreaming with the beautiful Libri Muti notebook.

10. Because who doesn’t need elephant bookends?

11. De-clutter those piles of paper with this stylish wire magazine holder. It’s great for storing documents, folders and magazines and organising your loose ends.

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