Everything Glitter That You Need For Music Festivals

By Marina Nazario
18th Feb 2018


As you may bloody well know, we're in the midst of festival season here in the great land of Oz. And we're well aware that it’s social suicide if you don’t rock up to an Aussie festival without looking like Tinkerbell threw up on you.

We love glitter and sparkle just as much as the next unicorn, mermaid or fairy princess, and we live for the excuse to wear it on a daily basis. So if you want to be seen from space, here’s every glitter item you need for festivals to help you shine from head to toe.

Sequin Bodycon Dress

Alright, ladies, we know you secretly want to be mermaids. Who wouldn’t want to have perfectly long, flowing hair that doesn’t seem to tangle while mysteriously being able to breathe underwater without gills? That’s what we thought. Lucky for you, we found a sequin, sparkly, mermaid-approved bodycon dress from Pretty Little Thing that’s perfect for festival season. Ain’t losing your friends in this flashy outfit!

Glitter Bass Speaker

Alright, you can’t technically wear this one, but it’s still part of the look. We know you want to keep the party going after the festival, so might as well keep with the theme and use the most shimmery speaker that you can shimmy to. (Too much?) Anyways, check out this glitter bass speaker from Cotton On. Go on, shake it like a salt shaker.

Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil

Forget the Insta filter, Frank Body magic shimmer oil will make your skin shine bright like a diamond. Lather this stuff allllll over your body to get a better glow than J.Lo. PSA: Go easy on the free hugs. We know that festivals make you feel some type of way…but your glow could end up on someone else. AS IF.

I Scream Nail Polish

You can’t rock up to a festival without a proper manicure (even though it's bound to be ruined anyways). I Scream Nails polish offers heapppsss of different glittery, magical, sparkly, unicorn-like colours to paint on your nails for your next festival pass. If you’re anything like us, you’ll paint each nail a different, obnoxiously bright colour. Go big or go home.

Yippy Whippy Zig Earrings

Ladies, it’s alllll about the earrings. Like, we know this can make or break the festival outfit. Do yourself a favour and get these gold glitter acrylic earrings from Yippy Whippy to show off at your next bumpin' gig. Can you handle all that funkiness? Of course, you can.

Black Milk Bralet

It seems like no one wears bras nowadays (not that we’re complaining), but if it’s a teal sequin bralet from Black Milk that a mermaid might wear, then maybe make an exception. You’ll be doing a lot of jumping and dancing at festivals (if you’re not, check yourself), and this baby will keep the tatas in place. Pair it with some high waisted black denim shorts and this sparkling kimono and we’ll nominate you best dressed at the next festival.

Swell Water Bottle

You know as much as we do that it’s important to stay hydrated at festivals. So why not bring a glimmering, shimmering (running out of adjectives here!) gold Swell water bottle to match your dazzling outfit. Just, you know, EMPTY it before entering the festival or they might take it away. That would be an absolute tragedy.

Big Sequin Mini Skirt

We know, we know. Looking like a rainbow fish is the ultimate goal at a festival. We get you. So we found a mini skirt that will rival the bright coloured, cute little sea creature with this Missguided big sequin outfit. Pretty rad, amiright? Ugh, you are SO welcome.

Glitter Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunnies are just as much of a statement as the earrings, and you want a pair of hater blockers that will turn heads and get you hella noticed. Fear not! We found these Dolls Kill glitter cat eye sunglasses that are fierce, fun, flirty, fantastic, fabulous and freakkkkyyyy. Mmmhhmm, throw us some shade. We’re too busy blockin’ out the haterzzz.

Dr Martens Boot

You don’t know annoying until your friend Amber is crying during The Jungle Giants set because her heels are too painful to wear. Ugh. Skip the sob sesh and just bloody wear Doc Martens. THEY HAVE A GLITTER COLLECTION. That’s right. Jump around, run around, be comfortable and enjoy looking like a unicorn ready for combat.

Rainbow Sequin Fanny Pack

You know what you’re really missing in your life? A rainbow sequin fanny pack that a Leprechaun would approve of. You need your hands-free during festivals so you can wave them around, do the Jersey Shore fist bump, raise the roof, all that good stuff. And a fanny pack is the way to go. Make this baby part of your insanely luminescent attire.

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Image credit: Michael Benz 

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