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Hot Dog! Brisbane’s Latest Food Challenge Is The Biggest You’ve Ever Seen

By Catherine Blake
5th Mar 2018

Our friends at Buffalo Bar have thrown down the gauntlet in the ultimate test to see whether size really matters. Enter the 'Ron Jeremy', a spicy contender for the most fearsome feast in Brisbane.

But this isn't like other hot dog eating competitions. Rather than going by multitude, Buffalo Bar measures your success in inches, and the Ron Jeremy is an astonishing two feet long. That’s two whole feet of sausage ... with bacon, American mustard, smoked sour cream and lashings of a Hell Bound hot sauce that will set you whistlin’. That's a lot of flavours and things could get messy so make sure you wear protection (I mean a bib, get your head out of the gutter). 

If you think finishing it will be difficult here’s the real challenge: clear your plate in under ten minutes (under the watchful eye of a staff member) and not only will Buffalo foot the bill and chalk you up in their hall of fame, they’ll gift you with a $50 voucher for a celebratory pitcher. Can’t handle the heat? Nix the hot sauce and you could score a $25 voucher and enough bragging rights to make your ego purr for a week. Of course, if you can’t finish it in the allotted ten minutes, this bad boy will set you back $40, so I’d prep if I were you.  

But do you have to register? Making a booking? Mark a date? Nup; Buffalo Bar is so confident that they’ll let you at him every day of the week. 

The details

What: ‘Ron Jeremy’ Hot Dog Competition
When: every day
Where: Buffalo Bar
How much: $40, or free if you finish it

More details and a photo of Ron himself here

Image credit: Buffalo Bar

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