How Many Of These 40 Dishes Have You Eaten?

By Sophia Fukunishi
10th Jan 2015

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So you think you can food? 

We often like to think of ourselves as avid and open-minded eaters. We also like to think of ourselves as ridiculously good looking, witty, and endlessly interesting (but that’s a whole other thing). So here is a bit of a test for you, dear Listers. How many of these dishes have you tried?

  1. Bánh mì
  2. Bone marrow
  3. Chicken and waffles
  4. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
  5. Escargot
  6. Feijoada
  7. Natto
  8. Phở
  9. Goulash
  10. Xiao long bao
  11. Moules frites
  12. Shakshuka
  13. Ackee and saltfish
  14. Mole
  15. Bulgogi
  16. New York style pizza
  17. Kibbeh
  18. Colcannon
  19. Weiner schnitzel
  20. Biryani
  21. Tom yam goong
  22. Completo
  23. Ramen
  24. Currywurst
  25. Molokhia
  26. Arepa
  27. Poutine
  28. Arancini
  29. Empanada
  30. Shawarma
  31. Nasi lemak
  32. Pastizzi
  33. Laksa
  34. Ceviche
  35. Tamales
  36. Borscht
  37. Hainanese chicken rice
  38. Haggis
  39. Moussaka
  40. Carne asada


1 – 10
Are you for real?! We suggest you get out more in 2015.

11 – 20 
Not bad, not bad. Some of these dishes are a little odd, so you’re doing okay. Still, you’ve got a bit of work to do. 

21 – 30
High fives to you! You’re not afraid to try new things so we think you’re aaallllright. 

31 – 40
Ummmm, wow. We’re seriously impressed. You must spend most of your time either seeking out exotic foods, globe trotting, or working at The Urban List.

Image credit: New Shanghai

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