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It’s a Gin Thing | THE Best Valley Bar To Get Soaked in the AM!

By Jessica Pridmore
3rd Oct 2014

Finding a bar that’s open any night of the week isn’t exactly difficult in a city lovingly dubbed ‘Bris-Vegas’. But finding a good bar in Brisbane that isn’t completely full of foolhardy booze-hounds, that doesn’t smell like sweaty bodies, and where your shoes don’t stick to the floors… Not so easy…

Now, we like late night drinks as much as the next person, and some of the best bars in Brisbane go above and beyond to make a good night great, but what we don’t want is that stumbling-out-of-a-club-at-3am-like-a-hot-mess feeling, sans shoes, with yesterday’s war paint running down your face. Hells NO! We mean sipping cocktails into the wee hours at one of the best bars in Brisbane, listening to expertly chosen music, with friends that have great banter. Who you can actually hear! Does everyone see the difference? Good. Let’s move on.

Nestled deep within the underbelly of Fortitude Valley, sits Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess. With its modern take on colonial-esque decor, tan leather safari seats, and palm leaves splashed about the place, Robert Redford would feel right at home shooting outtakes for Out Of Africa in this very chilled Brisbane bar.

If gin is your poison, then Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess is the place to hang your hat. Home to more types of gin than you can lift an empty glass to, you’ll be like a fat kid on cake making your way through their expansive international collection. But if gin ‘aint, in fact, your thing, there are plenty of concoctions to keep your evening going along just tickety boo.

After all the energy you’ve exerted raising your glass to your mouth you’re bound to be a bit peckish. Well, funny that, ‘cos Dutch Courage just happen to do food like a boss, too. Share plates for the grazers, and more substantial feeds for the greedy, the food menu is small but lovingly executed by the talented hands in the D.C kitchen.

Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess is not your average cocktail bar. Flamboyant, but not too fancy, laid-back, but always bustling, it’s one of the best bars in Brisbane to start and end your night.

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Image Credits: Tash Sorensen, Hannah McCawley

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